Poetry Friday: Who's Been Here?

The last two weeks I have been working with the Columbus Area Writing Project at The Ohio State University.  I have been sitting in the same classrooms I sat in years ago as an undergraduate and graduate student.  As I look around I can't help but think about all of the amazing professors I had.  During my days wandering the halls I can't help but wonder who has been here?  What great ideas have been formed in these very spaces?  That thinking inspired this short poem with an image from Ramseyer Hall.  

It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by Carol's Corner as Carol Wilcox hosts today's parade of wondrous words.


  1. It's lovely, Cathy. I just visited my college this week, didn't wander any old halls, but walked the campus remembering.

  2. This looks a little like Morrill Hall at UNH, where I did my graduate work. You make me want to go back for a visit.

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  4. P.S. Not sure if I missed something from you yesterday or if you just were too busy to add it to the comments-- I added your entry to the roundup this morning If that's not ok, just let me know. Carol

  5. Love the poem and how you shared it on the photo...

    I often wonder who has been there everywhere I go...

  6. So true of all the places we pass through...


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