Poetry Friday: Renewal

Happy Poetry Friday.  It seems the perfect day to celebrate poetry and portrait together.  Each season, Carol Varsalona, creates a gallery of poetry and images for her readers.  The idea of a virtual gallery is interesting to me.  Carol is always thinking of smart ways to collect, collaborate, and curate digitally.  Thankfully, she is also good at reminders.  Here is my offering for her Spring Symphony gallery.  I can't wait to take a walk through the collection.

Today's poem was created using PicCollage and Phonto.  I worked
with a few picture art apps, but felt spring was just too beautiful
to change the images --- Mother Nature paints glorious pictures. 

It's Poetry Friday!  Stop by Jama's Alphabet Soup for today's parade of wondrous words.


  1. "Spring sweeps in", a wonderful start, Cathy. I love seeing all the pictures. It's hard to choose, isn't it?

  2. What a lovely bouquet of images and words. Thanks, Cathy!

  3. I'll have to check out Phonto...

  4. Gorgeous! (I need to get to work on my submission...)

  5. What a beautiful collage and poem. My submission is a cicada - what a contrast from yours! :) I love viewing Carol's galleries. Always inspiring.

  6. Love your photo collage and poem. Your images are breathtaking. What a gift you've shared here! I love Carol's galleries.

  7. Fabulous bouquet of beauty - poetry and photos. =)

  8. Just beautiful, Cathy - now I need to get going with my own contribution.


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