Day 27 SOL 16: Songs of Joy

Songs of Joy

Today the earth
birds of all colors
sing songs of joy,
buds ready to burst
rest on branches,
the sun rises
to warm the land,
the sky the bluest
of blues,
the daffodil dances,
the grass,
once brown
now the deepest of green,
abundant in
the newness of life.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2016

For the month of March I will be participating in the March Slice of Life Challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.  It will be a busy month of writing, commenting, and learning with this community.  Stop by today's link up to join the conversation or find some great reading.


  1. Cathy, you poem is wonderful. By the time I got to the last line, I found myself rejoicing just like your last line bids me to. I start the study of a poem by reading it to students and then without any discussion give them a few minutes to capture the images with their colored pencils in their notebook. This morning, I wanted to grab my pencils and sketch after I read your poem. Thank you.

  2. I love the renewal that spring brings and the reminder it is of the truths I cherish. Your poem is beautiful - thank you!

  3. A beautiful poem that captures the day!

  4. You have a beautiful gift with words. Your words always rest beautifully in my ear. Today as I read your slice I sit between two open windows while the sunshines on my back as the birds chirp the joy of new beginnings.

  5. Bring on Spring! Love the rhythm of this poem.

  6. Lovely wake-up-to-spring-Easter poem.

  7. Your poem is a perfect reminder of today's beauty! Thanks for sharing your talent for finding the words that painted the scene.
    I thought the grass looked so much greener today...the sky bluer too!

  8. Sunday was a day filled with what I call "Ohio blue"! Love the way you captured it!


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