Day 20 SOL 16: Our Own Kind of Luck

Tonight my mom and I went down to play some BINGO with the Lion's Club.  The activity center near her residence houses the event every few weeks.  We walked in to the center, purchased a few cards, and played several games of BINGO.  I didn't win.  I'm not as lucky as my grandma used to be, but the time playing with my mom reminded me of some great times by my grandma's side.  

There wasn't anything better than spending time with my grandma.  My grandma was the mother of three boys, so being the first grandchild AND a girl gave me quite a bit of privilege.  Not only did I have automatic points with my grandma, but when I was nine they built apartments behind my house.  My parents probably saw a problem with the open field being replaced by multiunit housing, but I saw opportunity.

When the apartments started to be built, I picked up the rotary phone and called Grandma to let her know the place she should live was right behind my house.  It wasn't long until we were unloading my grandparent's belongings into those very apartments.  From that moment on, my life was perfect.  If I needed anything I just walked to Grandma's.  Need a snack?  See Grandma.  Want to play games?  See Grandma.  Need a break from the parents?  See Grandma.

My grandma was cool.  She drove a yellow Firebird.  She wore the most glamorous of outfits.  She listened to the best music, and somehow she knew all of the popular stars.  My grandma and I spent countless days and nights together.  We played rummy, watched television, and worked on her quilts. Each night we'd sit on the couch, she'd sew and I'd thread needles.  When I'd get bored, I'd try on all of her shoes or play in her jewelry.

I spent many nights with my grandma who could stay up late and sleep well into the morning.  One of my favorite nights was Monday nights.  On Monday nights, my grandma played BINGO.  This was always one of my highlights.  At first, on the nights I didn't have school on Tuesday, I was able to go up to the Legion Hall with her as she played BINGO.  I was too young to play, but she'd buy me a Coke.  I'd watch her cards with her, and keep her company.  It wasn't long until I was able to join her on school nights too.  Yes, it was a little late, but as long as I didn't complain about being tired the next day everyone seemed to play along.

My grandma was as lucky as anyone I knew.  It seemed uncommon for her not to win on a BINGO night.  She'd place her cards in front of her, and get down to business.  Numbers would be called, and she always seemed to have them.  People around her sighed and groaned, but Grandma just seemed to smile and wait.  At that time they played on cards with a sliding cover, using a few paper cards for special games.  People purchased rip-offs for extra fun. (I thought they were called rip-offs because people tore off small doors to see if they won a prize, but I'm guessing they were called that because everyone was just wasting their money.  LOL)  Grandma never played rip-offs as she was already winning just playing BINGO.

My grandma had her luck, and I had my mine.  Grandma was winning at BINGO, but I was winning at life.  What fun to be side by side with her through most of my childhood.

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  1. She was a great woman and she loved you dearly!!! She was very lucky to have you at her side.. Wonderful memories!!

  2. I was a granny's girl myself; and I certainly enjoyed your wonderful slice!

  3. What wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing! I remember similar times spent with my grandma antiquing. But, your memories are recalled so eloquently it makes me miss mine all the more.


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