Saturday, March 29, 2014

Slice of Life: Time with Mom (29 of 31)

It's the 29th day of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.

We watched at the window until we saw them coming down the road.  Finally the car pulled into the parking spot, backed to straighten, and finally came to a rest.  The car doors opened and I raced to greet them.  Soon my mom and Jerry were on their way up the steps.  It had been three months since we'd all been together so I was thrilled when they were able to drive to my daughter's to join us for a visit.

There were hellos, hugs, and laughter as they came up the stairs and entered the apartment.  "Here are some cookies for the drive home," my mom said handing me a big bag of chocolate chip cookies risen to perfection.  I eyed the mountains of sweetness and thanked her, doubting these cookies would make it that long.

Jerry sat down to chat with us on the couch as Mom went into Cortney's kitchen with her cooler.  She began to unpack its contents.  She had individually wrapped cookies for her, as well as chili and stuffed peppers for her freezer.  "Why don't I get these kind of care packages when you visit me?" I joked.

This is my mom.  She's always doing things to make everyone happy.  If you're going to visit her house, you can expect warm cookies upon your arrival.  If she's coming to see us, her bag is always packed with some interesting little this or that she saw and knew would be perfect for us.  She Facetimes with my youngest niece.  Plays games with the kids.  Endlessly cheers all of us on in life.  She worries more than she should, but always with the best of intentions.  If you need an ear, call mom.  If you need advice, call mom.  If you just want to chat, call mom.

Since it was her birthday weekend, we wanted to take her out for dinner.  We jumped into the car and headed to a local Mexican restaurant.  We caught up on all of the latest over enchiladas and rice, nachos and salsa.  Our time together flew and soon they needed to begin the drive back home.  We were sad to see them go, but glad they were able to sneak in a little time for a visit.

Here I sit this evening with only one cookie left from the bagful she handed to me only yesterday.  Did she really expect those cookies would still be around for the drive home?  I should probably eat it in honor of her birthday.  Perhaps I'll luck into a few more the next time we get together.  That's one of my favorite things to do:  spend time with my mom.

Happy birthday, Mom!  

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  1. Today was my mom's birthday, too! We are very lucky to have our mom's still in our lives. I count my blessings every single day. Happy birthday to your mom!

  2. I love this post. Thank you for sharing this special memory. (I'm like you - I would probably have devoured those chocolate chip cookies, too!). Enjoyed reading about your special day with your Mom.

  3. Thanks for your great writing on my birthday!!! I love all of you more than you will ever know.. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family!!! I loved every minute we got to spend together.. Guess I should have made more cookies.. At least you still have the Peeps, right??!!! Thanks for making me feel so special..

  4. Lovely, Cathy! Happy Birthday to you mom!

  5. Fabulous! What a blessing you have in your mama! Happy Birthday Cathy's Mama!

  6. How fortunate you are to have such a close relationship with your mom. I know you wish your visits weren't so few and far between, but I know that you make the most of the time you have together.

  7. The love shines through, Cathy. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  8. Your mom sounds a lot like mine; giving gifts to everyone else, even on her birthday. I hope she gets to read this lovely tribute!

  9. What a wonderful day!
    Loved reading about your mom. <3

  10. That's a beautiful slice about a beautiful woman! Your mom is truly a gift!


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