Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Slice of Life: Vegetable Soup 4 of 31

It's day four of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.  

Tonight I came home knowing I had to finish proofreading progress reports.  Cooking dinner was not something I had time to do so I was glad I had made vegetable soup with the leftovers of yesterday's roast and placed it in the crockpot before leaving for school this morning.  As I walked into the house the smell of the vegetable soup simmering seeped beyond the front door.  There's something comforting about vegetable soup on a cold day.

I haven't always liked vegetable soup.  What kid likes something with the word vegetable as part of its name?  However, many years ago after being stranded at our house without electricity during a blizzard for several days I discovered a love for vegetable soup.  It took a few days of no heat, no water, and peanut butter sandwiches over the fire for rescuers to finally get a bus out to our country road to take our family to a shelter with heat.  They transported us to the high school and then we went from there to my grandma's house.

To this day I can remember walking in her door after days of being cold.  Her house was warm and inviting.  She, of course, was beyond excited to finally have us all there and the smell of vegetable soup filled her house.  She ladled a bowl for each one of us as we gathered around the table to share tales of survival.  The warmth of the soup reached down deep into me and replaced the cold I had felt for days.

I've yet to make a pot of vegetable soup quite like my grandma's, but I think of her every time I make one.  The smell takes me back to that day, and once again the warmth reaches deep inside, making me smile at the memory.


  1. What a wonderful memory to connect with!

  2. I love the food prompted memories! My grandma always made goulash and the smell of it takes me back to her kitchen every single time! :)

  3. I so remember all of that, too... I think the thing I remembered the most was being on the bus and going down the road and it was like a tunnel of snow on both sides and that was all you could see.. The joy of country living!!! You captured it all..

  4. Love this....and think it is interesting that I also wrote about vegetable soup during the blizzard. Nothing is better than a good bowl of vegie soup on a cold winter day...well, maybe a good bowl of chicken noodle....but vegie soup is one of the top.

  5. I am living thru you to create wonderful grandparent memories! Who could convey the beautiful relationship better?

  6. How did I miss this slice yesterday? Beautiful and able to transport us all back to that long winter of so long ago. I'm shivering just reading it... and craving vegetable soup!


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