Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Slice of Life: A Writer's Lunch 11 of 31

It's day eleven of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.  

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When I told my class about the Slice of Life Challenge, they were quick to jump into the game.  I wasn't sure how first graders would handle a challenge, but I decided to dive in with them.  We developed a plan for the challenge and the kids dove right into it.  As part of our plan, we decided to meet every Tuesday for lunch in the classroom.  Our days are busy with learning so we weren't sure we would be able to find time during our day to talk about the challenge.  Lunch on Tuesday's would allow us to check in with each other.  

Today was Tuesday.  It was the Slice of Life Challenge lunch day!  After recess, the students who were buying went to the cafeteria to get their lunches.  Our packers set up the tables and started to eat.  When everyone was settled we started to talk about the challenge.  The students are thrilled with the way it going.  We talked about what was working and tips we were learning.  Madeline shared that she keeps a list of ideas on a piece of paper for the challenge.  She loves it!  I told them I keep a list of ideas on my phone.  Students started talking about places they could keep their ideas for their daily slices.  Someone suggested our writer's notebooks; another person thought an idea list could be kept on a blog.

Then we shared the ways a writer can share his/her writing for the challenge.  Some students have chosen to post on their blogs, others on paper, and some a mix of the two.  We are keeping all writing linked to our class blog.  Yesterday Maggie did her writing on paper, but posted it as a picture to her blog.  We talked about how putting it on your blog would allow more people to read your writing; it would also allow friends to comment.  Someone asked how she got her picture on the blog.  She explained how she did it.  We then reminded students of the resources on our website to help insert pictures in posts.  

After that we shared some of the writing.  We laughed over stories.  We celebrated the big steps in writing.  We shared and learned from one another as we ate our lunch.  I am in awe of these young writers willing to take on such a big challenge.  Every night when I sit down thinking I might not have the energy to write I think of them.  They inspire me.  


  1. Their genuine enthusiasm always makes these type of learning adventures worthwhile. Love the photograph - they look so engrossed!

  2. You inspire me! I hope one day I will take the plunge and bring my students along. I think you are doing amazing things with your writers.

  3. I agree with Betsy! What an inspiration!

  4. You have the greatest kids... I love their enthusiasm!!

  5. I haven't gotten to many, but I am impressed with how much they are writing, Cathy. Your lunchtime conversation sounds wonderful!

  6. What a wonderful experience for these students...and you, too. I have tried to read a few of their blog posts and am impressed with what they are doing. You are an inspiration to so many.


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