Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Slice of Life: More Time Should Be Spent Meandering (26 of 31)

It's the 26th day of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.

Typically life is pretty busy and quick paced.  It seems weeks are spent racing here and hurrying there.  There is always something to be done, and never time to just stop for a bit.  This week is my spring break so I decided to put my calendar, lists, and deadlines aside to do a little meandering with my friend, Trish.  Since it is the 26th, I thought I'd share my day in 6 six word stories.

Every day should begin with coffee.

Pie with friends delights the soul.

My basket fills with fresh food.

Yutzy's Farm Market

Making meatballs from secret family recipe.  

Plants enjoy light day and night.  

Franklin Park Conservatory to see the light art of Bruce Munro

Lesson:  put lists aside to meander.  


  1. Your 6 word mems are perfect.
    You organize your thoughts so well.
    Can you bottle and sell creativity?
    Thank you for always inspiring me!

  2. Craving some meandering midweek dictator denies.

  3. The stories make my bedtime terrific!

  4. What a great lesson! There's always time for work...later?

  5. Meandering is highly under-rated - embrace it!
    Friends make "list bans" more fun.
    Loving the celebration with six words!

  6. I love the word "meandering"!
    What a special day for you and your friend!

  7. Fun day for you and Trish.
    My mouth is watering from pictures.
    Meandering takes you to fabulous places.
    Six word response to your words. :-)

  8. Lovely day it was, my friend!
    (See, I can do six too!)

  9. What a great day - I love the creativity of this. I want to try something like this…. thanks Cathy


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