Thursday, March 20, 2014

Slice of Life: Did Someone Say Tony Orlando? 20 of 31

It's day 20 of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  We're more than half way through 31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.  

There are probably things you shouldn't confess to on a blog, but here we go anyway….

Picture from Tralfaz Archives
My husband likely thinks I'm crazy as I run out of the room where I am writing because I heard the name "Tony Orlando" on the television set.  Suddenly, I'm ten again.  I used to stay up so I wouldn't miss the Tony Orlando and Dawn show.  I loved to see him sing.   I can still picture the album which played over and over on the record player my parents got for me.

Those were the days before reality television.  The days when you had three channels not 300.  Those were the days when you actually had to watch a show on the exact time it aired.  Though I was quite young I somehow managed to let the whole family know that was my television time.  There wasn't anything that would, or could, be important enough to miss Tony Orlando.

On the night of his show I'd be sure the rabbit ears were adjust perfectly, find a spot directly in front of the television, and sing along to every song.  I'm really not sure how my parents tolerated the whole scene.  My grandma was as into Tony as I was.  We'd watch the show together when I was at her house.  She was a trendy gal.

Who could resist "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree" or "Knock Three Times?"  It wasn't long until Tony was replaced by posters of Scott Baio, Leif Garrett, and Parker Stevenson.  (Check out heartthrobs of the 70s here.)  Of course, there was always still a little room for a Tony Orlando poster.  Here I am years later; when I heard Tony Orlando mentioned on a show my husband was watching I raced into the room.  I had to see him.  It was conditioning from days gone by.


  1. Now you've put it in writing, there's no taking it back. If it helps, my posters were of Kirk Cameron, John Stamos, Rob Lowe, and Tom Cruise. My "race to the tv" shows were Love Boat, Fantasy Island, and Knight Rider. When Kevin got a season of The Love Boat to review, I lost a lot of productive work time because I just had to stop what I was doing and watch it with him.

  2. I loved that show, too, and still have the vinyl around somewhere. I loved Shauna Cassidy, Andy Gibb, and many others...nice memories!

  3. I used to watch Tony Orlando's show, too! I don't think I can claim a love for him as great as yours, but "Knock Three Times," is still a favorite oldie!

  4. How fun! It's great to go back in time! ;0)

    I remember the songs, but not Tony Orlando. :0) I do remember Scott Baio, Leif Garrett, and Parker Stevenson!

  5. I loved Tony Orlando, too, but there were many other crushes during that same time frame as well. However, as much as I loved him, I was more than a little jealous that he had better hair than me! :)
    I see karaoke on the porches and patios tour this summer!

  6. Oh my do I remember how important that show was to you... You almost swooned when he came on the TV.. Sometimes I would like to go back to those days.. Life was a lot simpler then..

  7. I love the line about your grandma being a trendy gal. Sounds like my grandma. And now I'm singing Tie a Yellow Ribbon in my head. :)

  8. I loved that show and you are the trendy gal right along with her!

  9. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this.....or should I say loved this slice:-) Great memories for me too!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  10. You have awaken my OBSESSION with Sony and Cher!


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