Friday, May 2, 2014

Poetry Friday: Mosaic

It's Poetry Friday so click over to Katya Czaja's blog for lots of poetry links.  I'm joining today with an original poem about the cherry tree.

After 30 days of poetry about objects, I was excited to realize that today I could let my poem find me once again.  There's a little freedom in just waiting on a poem to tap you on the shoulder.  Of course, my first graders really directed me to today's poem.  We were talking about drawing into poetry so I shared a few links from Amy Ludwig VanDerwater's 2013 poem project.  I showed them the way she drew about her idea and then added words all around it.  We decided we'd try it together with a tree outside our window.  As we collected words and phrases, I started to notice a play with words beginning with "bl" such as blooming, blow, blossoms.  They really wanted me to try to turn this into a poem for them….so here it goes.


beautiful blossoms
painting the landscape
dots of
blushing upon arrival
then turning pale.
finally drifting,
in the breeze.
the world
in color.

©  Cathy L. Mere 2014

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