Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Slice of Life: Guess Who's Slicing 5 of 31

It's day five of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.  

For months I have looked forward to starting the March Slice of Life Challenge.  The team at Two Writing Teachers has created, and supports, an amazing community.  It is alongside this community that I will learn and grow as a writer during this challenge.  The first year I joined because I wanted to develop a better writing habit.  Since then my writing habit has improved, but more importantly I've learned so much from all of those who participate.  The comments left help to shape my writing, the blogs I visit demonstrate new writing techniques I want to learn, and throughout the process I discover more about craft.

Last year, I talked a few people into joining me in the challenge and this year the list has grown.  I'm so excited to have these people taking the challenge with me:

Family Trove, Jackie
I took creative writing classes from Jackie when I was in school and then worked alongside her for years in our local middle school.  Jackie's blog is full of family stories.  I'm a little partial to her "Maxine" stories (Maxine is her mom), but you'll find plenty to make you smile here.

Lead Goose, Scott
Scott teaches fifth grade in our district.  We are both a part of a Crafting Digital Literacy class in which we are all working to know more about digital composition.  This is Scott's first year to join the event so you should really stop by to cheer for him and leave a few comments.  Scott writes honestly and often with humor. I loved his kick-off post:  Love That Blog.

Literate Lives, Karen Terlecky
Karen and I teach in neighboring districts.  In the summer we join a few other friends for the "porches and patio" tour.  During the summer we meet to talk about education, literature, and life.  Karen is one of my #1 go to friends for book recommendations.  I'm glad she is joining the event as I always look forward to stopping by her blog.

Loving La Vida Loca, Debbie Lairson
Debbie also teaches in our district.  She and I were literacy coaches together.  She now teaches intervention in one of our elementary schools.  I could listen to Debbie tell stories all day.  Her stories are full of life, love, humor, and pure honesty.  This is Debbie's first year to participate in the challenge too.

My World - Mi Mundo, Stella
You just can't be in a room with Stella and not get caught up in her passion for life.  I love to listen to Stella talk about friendship, life, and priorities.  We've tried to talk her into starting her own podcast with advice.  We haven't managed to convince her yet, but I'm glad she is joining the challenge so we can enjoy her stories and advice each day this month.

Raising Readers and Writers, Julie Johnson
Julie has been pushing my writing life since she joined the National Writing Project several years ago.  She has helped me to move toward digital writing.  She and I laugh that we are kindred spirits as our lives have so many parallels it is unbelievable.  The biggest difference between the two of us is she is baker.  Now I like to eat baked goods, but baking takes a lot of concentration and patience on my part.  Julie and I like to drag each other into crazy commitments.

Shreds of My Mind, Lisa Hilliker
Lisa is my sister-in-law.  She joined the fun with me three years ago and has participated in the event ever since.  Lisa has many talents.  She can make things.  I cannot!  She is a quilter, but in my opinion her quilts are more works of art.  She can tell a story with fabric --- and I can't even sew a button onto a shirt.  She "sews" tales on her blog you won't want to miss.  I'm a little partial to stories of my niece and nephews, but I don't mind a story about my brother every now and then.

Snow Leopards --- My amazing first graders!!!
Yes, these six and seven year olds decided they wanted to take the challenge with me.  I'm so thrilled to have them joining the fun.

Teaching and Learning, Carolyn Carr
Carolyn teaches in the classroom right next door.  We keep saying we need to install a window in the cement block between our rooms so we can chat with greater ease.  Carolyn has three boys and does quite a bit of reading, writing, and podcast listening.  I'm looking forward to seeing the tales she'll weave in this event.

Today I Love, Tricia Eaton
Trish, a friend from college, writes a post every day on Facebook about something she has found to love.  During the challenge she brings this writing over to her blog.  I love the way she finds something to love every single day.  Her writing is beautiful and inspiring.

Writing to Discover, Deb Frazier
Deb finally fell to peer pressure and is joining the event.  She, Carolyn, and I will be cheering each other on and helping each other through the hard parts of the challenge.  You may know her from Primary Perspective.  She's started a new writing blog for this event which is great news!  Deb remembers so many details of the stories she tells.  I'm always a little in awe.  I can't even remember my name most days.  I'm glad she'll finally be writing these stories down to share with many.

Goodness, I hope I didn't forget anyone.  I'm sure I did.  Every time I got ready to post I thought of another person I know joining the event.  Add these to the countless blogs I don't want to miss (just scroll the links on the right) and you'll know why I am so glad it is finally March.  Of course, you can see why I am also worried about how I will find to time to write and comment this month.


  1. It doesn't surprise me that a few people on this list you have inspired to join this project or any of the other ideas you have. You are a mover and a shaker. I commented on Deb's blog the other night, I believe and didn't even realize it was a different blog. Now I have to hop on over there.

  2. Thank you for the shout out Cathy! You almost made me cry! :) I am also very thankful for your other recommendations. I am looking forward to exploring their blogs. :)

  3. Thanks for dragging me along on this journey with you. I know that, with you there to support me, I will learn so much!

  4. Cathy,
    Thanks for the encouraging pushes that make me a better persona and a better teacher. I am moving a bit out of my comfort zone but I know your recommendations for me (like the ones you make for your students) are right on track. Growing and learning can be painful, I am so glad you your across the hall ready with chocolate and caffeine!
    Thanks for the shout out and the shove~

  5. Wow, Cathy, thanks for sharing all your friends who are slicing, some of whom I already know, but will look for the others. Sometimes I think we should write every other day so that we could read and comment on the off days! So hard to get to everyone! You are dear to write so lovingly about your group!

  6. I am so very glad you talked me into this, Cathy! I am sitting here "amen-ing" your every comment from the top of the post...I have learned so much about writing and so many different teaching techniques along the way. I am having SUCH a blast doing this with my students for the first time and can't wait for next year already because I know it will be even easier the 2nd time around. Thank you dear friend, what a treasure it has been to reconnect with you and to link in to this amazing community!

  7. Thanks, Cathy...I am so glad you introduced me to the Slice. Right now, Nimbus is grabbing at my fingers trying to help. She can't understand why I have spent so much time on the computer. Can't wait to check out the rest of these better close now... give Nimbus a bit of attention.


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