Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Who Would Have Known?

It's Tuesday so stop by Two Writing Teachers to join tonight's link-up and conversation.  There's something about moving from blog to blog to savor the little stories that make us smile.  Thanks to Julie Johnson for helping me get my fingers on the keyboard tonight with her post, Nourishing the Teacher Writer.  

Growing up, I was not a sports fan.  Hardly able to dribble a ball and chew gum at the same time, I just never took to sports.  My physical education teachers were patient with my challenges.  I worked hard. I tried.  I listened.  Somehow it just never seemed to work.  My friends were all big athletes so I spent my time keeping statistics for teams so I could hang out with them.  Living in a small football town you can imagine the complications of growing up uninterested in sports.

The challenges didn't end on the field.  I had to learn to handle sports fans in my everyday world as well.  One of my best friends was a sports fanatic both on and off the court.  It seemed at her house there was always a game of one kind or another on the television with family members cheering for their favorite teams.  My grandma listened to baseball religiously.  I'd laugh at her kitchen coaching, but still I just wasn't a fan.

Last fall my son talked me into joining a family fantasy football league.  I laughed at the idea, but I joined in hopes of learning a bit about the sport along the way.  In order to avoid being the laughing stock of the family, I raced out and purchased a fantasy football magazine (those things are ridiculous in price!) and started searching the internet for draft tips.  I thought I had a strategy, but when selections begin to fly all of that goes out the window.

Despite my best efforts, I ended last football season at the bottom of our league.  I blame Ray Rice.  This year, I'm a bit more fantasy savvy.  Case in point, I didn't make the mistake of drafting Ray Rice again.  Experience is a good teacher.  I've had a fantasy basketball and baseball team.  I've managed dig a few fantasy scoops off of Twitter.  Each season I learn a little more about the sport and the fantasy game.

I'm sure my friends wonder about me as I sit watching games, post sports updates, and cheer over favorite players.  Who knew one day I'd stay up late on Monday night to watch my favorite quarterback?  Who knew I'd be cheering from my sofa seat as he completed a 60 years pass to one of his receivers?  Who knew I'd jump up and down as he scored HIS OWN touchdown?  Yep, Matthew Stafford is going to lead my team to victory this year.  I hope the family is ready.

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