Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Grandma

Grandma and me
When I was about nine I called my grandma to tell her there was an apartment available right behind our house.  Somehow she convinced Grandpa to sell their house and soon moved into the tiny space close by.  My dad cut a gate into the fence in our backyard so I could easily pass between our homes.  I spent a lot of time at Grandma's playing cards and hanging out.  Grandma kept up on all the latest fashions, singers, and culture.  She stayed up late, slept in every morning, and was always ready for fun.  Today my grandma would have been 92, if she were still with us.  I'm thankful every day for the time I spent with her.  I've thought of her often today on her birthday and smiled to myself.  

Love and miss you, Grandma.

The Quilt
Climbing into the soft chair
I sit beside Grandma and watch.
The round wooden frame
rests on her lap,
carefully selected fabric
beginning to take shape.

Piece by piece she sews,
working carefully 
under the bright light.
She pauses now and then
to talk about this or that,
takes a slow sip of her coffee,
then looks carefully at her work.

Occasionally she passes her needle my way.
I place the thin white thread 
carefully through the tiny eye 
then hand it back to her.
Over and under
her needle gently pulls each piece
beside the next 
until they fit perfectly.

For years I watched
as my grandma carefully 
stitched pieces of fabric
from our world
into beautiful blankets.
Wrapping us in her love 
for many years to come.  

© Cathy L. Mere

Grandma & Grandpa with John, Cortney and Cassie

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