Sunday, March 23, 2014

Slice of Life: Dinner à la Pinterest (23 of 31)

It's the 23rd day of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.

"What's that smell?" Cassie shouted from upstairs as she got ready for work.

Dinner was in the oven and I was hoping we could eat before she had to leave.  We've had a hard time getting dinner ready before she leaves in the evening.  She ends up eating late, and by herself, when she gets home.  I started dinner earlier in hopes we'd be able to eat together.  It's nice to have the opportunity to sit down as a family to dinner.  Dinner seemed to be coming along on schedule.  The potatoes were nearly done cooking and ready to mashed.  The lima beans were simmering.  The smells from the oven were beginning to permeate the house.

"Is that cheese I smell cooking?" inquired John as he watched the hockey game from the couch in his Sunday attire.  If it has cheese, he might be interested in joining us.

John had taken a break from March Madness so Jeff had gone into the other room to watch the games.  Jeff waits all year for this madness.  He consults his bracket to see how it is looking and asks, "What are we having for dinner?  It smells good."

"I'm trying a new recipe," I reply from the kitchen.

"Is it a Pinterest recipe?"  Cassie jokes.  She's getting used to my Pinterest experimenting.  Nobody complains because most of the Pinterest experiments have gone quite well.  It seems like we have been eating the same thing for years, but Pinterest has livened up our mealtimes.

The timer buzzes and I pull the chicken out of oven.  The smell of parmesan cheese fills the house.  The coating has cooked to a slight brown crisp and looks delicious.  When I cut into one of the chicken breasts to check it, I'm delighted to see it looks moist and tender inside.  It looks like another Pinterest success!  We gather around the table.  The oohs and aahs continue.  Yes, this recipe is a keeper.

We enjoy our meal and our time together.  For dessert, no bake cookies.  This recipe works every time and you guessed it, it's from Pinterest.  (My Pinterest boards)

Tonight's Recipes
From Mmmm!  Let's Eat
Parmesan Chicken Breast:  Tastefully Simple

From Mmmm!  Start with Dessert
No Bake Cookies:  Squirrel Bakes


  1. Like you, Pinterest is my go-to place whenever I am looking to make something different. This one sounds yummy. Glad it was a success!

  2. Cathy,
    I want to try your recipes! Planning to make the cookies now! Will let you know how they turn out!

    1. Amy,
      You will love how delicious they are --- and how easy they are to make. Let me know what you think.


  3. Yummmmy! Those look great, I'll be checking it out. Don't you just love the pictures to go with the recipes? I'm afraid cookbooks are going to become obsolete. Reeling them in with the tempting smells is a winner every time.

  4. Yumm-o, Cathy! These offerings trump tonight's frozen pizza. The sad part is that both boys love it, so it's on our weekly rotation. My Pinterest recipe board is huge...maybe I should commit to experimenting over spring break! Thanks for the inspiration -- I felt like I was at your house today anticipating dinner's quick completion!

  5. Food looks great, but family time sounds even better! Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment! Love it!

  6. Yum! Dinner time makes me miss my boys- it's not that fun to cook with one person!

  7. I so underuse my Pinterest boards. I go in a spurt and then die out, and never revisit those recipes. After hearing about this Parmesan chicken, I think I have a plan for the week after break! Thanks for the yummy tip!

  8. Love that! It's my best cookbook. : ) And I love how everyone 'smells' it - at least they think it's going to be good at the outset.

  9. I like how you showed each family member's reaction to the meal. Looks delicious! Now you've made me hungry for no-bake cookies!!! :-)


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