Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Slice of Life: Spring? Break (25 of 31)

It's the 25th day of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.

Spring break shopping
Would someone please
tell Mother Nature
it is my

I should not
be wearing a coat
or waiting
for bright

I shouldn't see

I want to see green
feel warmth
see sun because
it is my
SPRING break.


  1. That's a cruel joke Mother Nature played on you. I hope you get some sunshine without white flakes before break is over.

  2. Ugh! I'm sending hopes for sunshine your way .

  3. I thought of you today as I walked by my still-frozen flower beds. Hope you get a few nice days before the week is over!

  4. No joke. The fickle flakes today brought were disheartening. Enough is enough! Wishing you (and me) some warmth and sunshine in the dreary Midwest this break! :) b

  5. Yesterday, during recess duty, I witnessed snow flying while the sun was out. There were no words. Enjoy your break. Here's to a proper Midwest spring soon!

  6. Ours is next week. I made indoor plans... Anything outdoors will be an unplanned treat!

  7. Ours is next week. I made indoor plans... Anything outdoors will be an unplanned treat!

  8. I enjoyed this so much. Thank you for sharing. I loved how you controlled the pace and rhythm of the poem by break the lines up, sometimes into just one word. I may share this with my students. We are in a poetry unit right now, and they are just starting to appreciate the craft it takes to create a poem!

  9. I felt your frustration in you poem. Hopefully you will have some nice days while you are off for spring break. :-)

  10. I guess the only guarantee of some warmth this year would be a trip south...way south. Maybe things will warm up a little. We had snow too, in fact the Weather Channel stated that Toledo had the worst winter of anywhere in the USA. Spring will arrive...someday.

  11. I think your expectations can only be guaranteed for SUMMER break. :) Hopefully you get some much deserved rest and relaxation out of the deal no matter what the weather! :)

  12. I also wrote a poem about the weather today. I was out driving in what I'm calling a "flash blizzard" today. It was insane!! I hope you are enjoying your break regardless of the ridiculous weather!

  13. No Snow.
    Go Snow.
    Far, Far, Away.

    Your thoughts are a bit more graceful. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Soon! We had it last Saturday, & warmer since then, so surely it will come your way, Cathy!

  15. Here in the maritimes, we have a blizzard warning for tomorrow!

  16. Oh Cathy! I probably should not admit that I'm longing for a snow day because we haven't had one of those yet this year! I want one of those dumper storms that comes quickly then melts the next day. We will probably get it next week, when I'm on Spring Break!


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