Friday, July 5, 2013

Poetry Friday: Freedom (and mood)

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As part of yesterday's #teacherswrite events, guest author, Jenny Meyerhoff, talked about mood.  The quick write exercise was to see a room through the eyes of a character feeling a particular way.  

I am discovering that, though I am very much a character reader, I am not much of a character writer. She reminded us, "When the writer isn’t deliberate about mood, the reader is often left emotionally cold." Jenny's comments about mood did apply to some of writing I dabble in here and there.  

I really wondered about mood in poetry.  It seems like an important piece.  One I rarely think intentionally about; so I decided to try it out a bit in two poems about freedom (yes, a little cliche since yesterday was the fourth).

Of course, I didn't really accomplish mood so more practice is ahead.  It seems I did manage two different perspectives.  Here are two original works in progress:    


An illusion
granted only to those
with power,
A line 
not made to cross.
A path
moving only in one direction.
and sold
in America.


To wake
To be
To choose 
To go
To vote
To know
To learn
To grow
To read
To speak

© Cathy L. Mere

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