Monday, March 11, 2013

Banana Splits: Slice of Life 11 of 31

Thanks Stacey and Ruth:  Two Writing Teachers
#slice2013  11 of 31

Memory Monday  

It's funny how sometimes someone will say something and you'll suddenly remember something you had nearly forgotten.  This was the case the other day when my sister-in-law started to talk about bananas and chocolate.  As soon as she mentioned it I was reminded of the frozen bananas we used to get at the Dairy Queen.

You see, one of my mom's favorite treats was ice-cream.  I'm not sure if she loved it as much as she loved the memory of her grandfather taking her out for ice-cream, but either way I won.  Every once in awhile my mom would look at me and say, "Let's go get some ice-cream."  I, for one, didn't have to think twice.  We'd jump in our car, drive out of our small town, and into the next one.

The next town had a Dairy Queen full of many sweet delights.  Here you could get frozen bananas, dilly bars, milkshakes and many other cold treats.  Our favorite treat was a banana split.  My mom was good at ordering them.  We'd have three scoops of vanilla ice-cream.  One mountain of ice-cream would be topped with chocolate syrup; the other with strawberry.  She'd manage to get rid of the pineapple topping to have it replaced with chocolate ice-cream with marshmallow topping.  I'm sure all that sugar was offset by the bananas tucked carefully down each side.

We'd sit at the benches inside the Dairy Queen and watch the cars go by.  Enjoying our sweet treat and the time together.  There's something about ice-cream that just makes life melt away.


  1. I remember getting banana splits too. It was a real treat, one that we didn't get very often. The best part was bringing the boat home, washing it, and playing with it in the bathtub. I'm with you...I would never pass up the chance to get ice cream. :)

  2. Hoping this comment comes through; apologizing ahead of time if you get this twice.

    I truly believe that those bananas took care of you nutritionally. The rest -- well that's just the icing on the cake - yum!

    I think special treats associated with childhood are the best! That's why I'm a sucker for black raspberry ice cream to this day; we used to buy it from a local dairy farm/ice cream stand. Yum again!

  3. Funny you should mention banana splits. That was a favorite of mine as a child with my dear Auntie Helen. Yes, writing does help one to remember, also. I may write about Auntie Helen. Thanks. I loved how you described the split witht the choco dip and marshmallow--yummier!

  4. I love the last line of your writing and I might have to borrow it or copy it or just steal it. Ice cream does make life melt away - the positives to savor and sadness.

  5. OH that last line ... "there's something about ice cream that makes life just melt away." I love the personification, the visual, the reminder ... that the simple things in life can have such a profound impact. I too, remember a nightly bowl of ice cream with my Dad, and now get to watch my girls do the same thing with him! I hope you celebrated your memory with a sweet treat today!

  6. And now I'm headed to bed craving ice cream! Thanks dear friend! It was Harold's Dairy Bar for us in Granville! I could never quite get the coating to equal out with the ice cream in my vanilla dipped in chocolate...what a sweet sticky mess!
    Yum is right!
    Thanks for sharing...especially that last line...makes life melt away. Beauty.

  7. I totally forgot about the pineapple topping replacement. Now I really want to have one!

  8. Cathy, I can just picture you and your mother sitting at the Dairy Queen relishing in your banana splits. It brought memories of visiting family in Keokuk, Iowa. My aunt would take my sister and me to the Dairy Queen (really big deal back Keokuk that only had TWO televisioon station...if the weather was right...hmmm this sounds like the begining of a post)...anyway...we'd go to the DQ and get hot fudge sundaes...making it a tradtition that we have passed to the next two generations...of girls. So...thanks for the memories...and thanks for an idea for a post. That is two that you have giving me an idea for.

  9. What a great memory! I love the story. Have any extra bananas - I'm hungry...


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