Friday, March 14, 2014

Slice of Life: Which Sky? 14 of 31

It's the  fourteenth day of the March Slice of Life Challenge.  31 days of writing.   Thanks to the amazing Two Writing Teachers team for all of their support in this event.   It's also Poetry Friday so I decided to try a little poetry for this evening.  Poetry Friday is hosted by Kara at Rogue Anthropologist.  

Which sky
catches your attention?
You gaze,

Is it the sky
at dawn
as the sun rises
on the horizon
to say good morning,
then painting
the light blue sky
in strokes of pink and yellow?

Is it the sky
at noon,
as the sun
radiates from above,
high in the sky,
yellow ball of fire
heating the world,
by crystal blue
all around?

Is it the sky
at dusk,
the sun sinks
on fields,
saying goodnight,
turning soft clouds
from white
to red and purple and blue?

Is it the sky
at night
as the moon rises
into the blackness,
hanging high in the sky,
the stars
their silent symphony
of light
from the heavens?

you gaze.
Your attention on
which sky?

© Cathy L. Mere


  1. Beautiful poem and picture! I love the time change because now I get to see the sunrise almost every morning on my way to work,

  2. Love each beautiful part, of your poem and of the sky, Cathy. That picture is marvelous! I have so many sunset pics, & each one I look at and say 'this is my favorite'.

  3. Beautiful descriptions from morn' til night!

  4. Love the repetition and imagery. You did a wonderful job capturing the moments!

  5. Your words really paint the picture of each kind of sun we enjoy throughout the day - if we're lucky!

  6. I love this. You capture the picture of the sky throughout the day so beautifully. I like a sunset sky myself. Thanks for sharing your slice. I enjoyed reading it. ;)

  7. Beautiful poem!!! You continue to amaze me!!! You are such a talented writer and you have inspired so many others to write..

  8. I was actually thinking the other day about the beautiful colors in the sky. You really captured that here.

  9. I love this but I can't pick just one sky to love! One of my 6th graders asked me the other day which quote is my favorite. I told her that's like asking which 6th grader is my favorite! But I can say you're my favorite poet! Well done!


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