Friday, April 5, 2013

Heron: Poem 5 of 30

It's National Poetry Month AND ----- Poetry Friday.  Robyn Hood Black is hosting today so be sure to stop by for a few original poems and lots of great links. 

I'm writing a poem each day through the month of April.  My poem today was inspired by a sighting.  Spring has been very slow here.  Today I finally saw the heron had returned to a nearby pond.  It made my day!

Heron stands alone
wading in shallow waters
majestic hunter.

Here are a few older posts about herons:

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  1. How nice! I love watching the blue heron fly...slowly flapping those long wings trailing his legs...crossed at the ankle. I am finally getting some time to read some of these poems. I just could not try rusty on glad to enjoy yours.

    1. Jackie, I've noticed a few snippets of text in your comment that sound like poetry. :o)

  2. Beautiful haiku Cathy! And thank you for the link to Mary Lee's Common Inspirations. They are keeping my classes inspired each day. Loved the wolves today!

  3. Thanks for sharing, Cathy! Did you see Sheri Doyle's heron poem in the Round Up this week, too? I love herons! Happy Poetry Month.

  4. beautiful Cathy! I was told that it was good luck if one saw a heron. We don't have many unless we go to some nearby lake, of course. They are special. Love that photo!

  5. You and your fascination with herons.. I think of you when I am walking by the lake and the blue heron appears..


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