Sunday, April 7, 2013

You're Here: 7 of 30

Stop by for a poem each day through April.  Today's poem is 7 of 30.  

The birds said you were coming,
But I'm really not sure what they know.
Every time I looked out the window,
All I saw was fluffy white snow.

They sang songs of your beauty,
But I just saw darkness and gray.
The temperatures were still close to freezing,
We couldn't go outside to play.

They built nests in tree branches,
While I searched for signs on the ground.
The grass was still brown and quite brittle,
There wasn't a bloom to be found.

Today as I watched the birds,
Flittering from treetop to tree.
I noticed the air was much warmer,
The sun in the sky I could see.

The birds chirped and they tweeted,
Finally I know spring's in the air.
Yes, this time I think I believe them,
As I look I see you are there.

Not only are the birds singing,
But the signs are all around me.
I see the forsythia's blooming,
The daffodil's leaves of dark green.

Spring, I am happy to see you,
Dressed in purple, yellow and green.
I hope you will stay awhile with us
You are such a picturesque scene.

© Cathy L. Mere

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1 comment:

  1. Yes...I think...I hope...I pray...we can trust the birds this time. I believe Lady Spring is finally in residence! Beautiful poem friend...thanks!


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