Monday, April 8, 2013

March Madness Limericks: 8 of 30

So it's day 8 for my daily poem challenge.  Some days it's easier than others to find time to create.  Today's been a bit busy.  Let's just say today's poem is a result of watching March Madness all month and a tweet from Maria Caplin reminding us about Wonderopolis and Poetry ---- and the Limerick.  Here are my March Madness Limericks.  (My apologies to my readers --- and the Limerick.) 

Our family bracket challenge before the final game tonight.

There once was a girl named Cat.
Her family thought sports were phat.
All day and all night,
Twas truly her plight,
She watched baskteball in March that was that.

There once was a boy named John.
He watched basketball all month on and on.
He cheered for his team,
Until they lost their steam,
Their chances of winning were gone.

There once was a man named Jeff Mere.
He loved basketball all through the year.
But in March it was true,
There was only one thing to do,
Watch March Madness and for his team cheer.

There once was a man named Chuckie.
He was sure the Big 10 was going to be lucky.
So he watched and he prayed,
Until the final two were made,
Let maize and blue beat the team from Kentucky.

There once was a girl named Cort.
One day her bracket fell short.
But she bragged anyway ,
Til her mom had to say,
"Your dad's winning, I must report."

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  1. Ha! Your tweet reminded me to come over to see what you had today, & I'm watching the game & I must say I'm cheering for Michigan too! This is some game! Your limericks are terrific captures of the family-sorry for your bracket!
    There once was a March Madness time
    Madness caused some writers to rhyme
    because sadly their team
    had dumped on the dream
    they could lose-it's a shame and a crime!

    1. Linda,
      Very clever! This made me laugh. It's not looking good for the team up north right now. (Sorry, as a Buckeye it's hard to say the name, but I do hope they win it for the Big 10.) Let's hope they can bring it back. Then perhaps I'll write a Charles Barkely or a maize and blue limerick.


    2. Not to be this year-sorry. My team-univ. of mo. was out way early, so then I rooted for Wichita State, the classic underdog, & I was disappointed they didn't win the other night. Oh well, the game was good! And you gave me some laughs, too!

  2. My family depicted so well.... Aren't you all just fun!!!


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