Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Slides: Poem 16 of 30

National Poetry Month:  30 Day Challenge (Day 9 of 30)
A slice of poetry for today's Tuesday Challenge.  Thanks Stacey and Ruth:  Two Writing Teachers

He walks to my van
large container of his stories
in hand.
Photos --- the slides and
he told us over and over.

His face shows the years.
He is tired
yet determined.
He places the box behind the seat
giving me a knowing smile.
Wanting to know that I will care for them,
that I will share them,
that they will live on.

There are no words for this moment.
I do not want to take them,
not because I don't want them,
but because I want to
be able to sit beside him
as he flashes through
the stories.
Sharing a smile,
a laugh,
a memory.

I know this is his way
to tell me it is time
to say good-bye.
I look at the box of slides
pretending not to notice.
The stories,
etched in my memory,
fill my heart.
Life through
his eyes.

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  1. Oh this is so beautiful and so poignant. It made me cry. It is a scene that while not identical will play itself in my life sooner than I would like. You have captured the under the surface emotion so well.

  2. It is so hard when they know the end is near.

  3. Oh. My. I did not know that moment was coming until just now. I didn't realize. My Ol' Man has the greatest collection of beige carousels in his basement...what WILL become of them? You've made me think tonight friend. I love "large container of stories." That is exactly what they are.
    Thank you...


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