Sunday, April 28, 2013

21st Century Problems: Poem 28 of 30

National Poetry Month:  Poem 28 of 30

21st Century Problems
This morning I found a post,
I knew that I must share.
Though I knew it was important
I couldn't decide just where.

Should I tweet it out on Twitter
For colleagues all to see.
Or maybe I should pin it
On a board that's made for me.

I could just diig the post,
So the link I'd later find.
Oh, all the possibilities,
I'm going to lose my mind.

Perhaps I should post it on Facebook
So my friends and family know.
I think they'll want to see it too;
To the link they'll want to go.

I could put it in Evernote,
So I'd always have it near.
I could write about it on my blog
So others too could hear.

The possibilities to organize and share
Are endless it is true.
Should I pin it, tweet it, diig it,
Oh, what am I to do?

© Cathy L. Mere


  1. Too funny! And too perfect! Really think I might unplug for the week, at least after this darn poetry challenge is done!

  2. That's great! And did you know you can put your apps into boxes to organize them - as all the ones you mentioned could be in one box.... : )

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. What does diig mean?'t tell me!


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