Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Player: 24 of 30

National Poetry Month:  24 of 30 (almost there!)

Today our class worked together to write a poem about soccer.  I should have brought it home to share it with you.  It turned out to be a poem about a muddy soccer game.  I decided to try another soccer poem this evening to share with my students tomorrow. 

A Soccer Ball by Pumbaa80
via WikiMedia Commons
The Player
dribbling the ball
from toe to toe
left to right
back and forth

she weaves
down the field
around the players
toward the goal

defenders race
to fight for the ball
she is focused
they cannot stop her

she takes aim
kicks the ball
toward the goal
it rises

the goalie
but she cannot stop it


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  1. I love that you are writing poetry together with your class and then more on your own to share with your kiddos. Lead by example -- this is powerful! Any friends going home and writing and experimenting with poetry? What a joy!


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