Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool: 1 of 30

This month is National Poetry Month.  I thought I'd join Mary Lee and try to write a poem each day for the month of April in celebration again this year.  We'll see how it goes.  There are a lot of other events taking place this month.  Stop by Jama's Alphabet Soup for more National Poetry Month events.  

April Fool
Our first day back from break.
The students rush right in,
to play a funny joke
before the day begins.

"Look over there," one student shouts;
a voice so full of fear.
Another group walks through the door
"Your shoes untied," I hear.

Across the room a friend cries out,
"There's a spider in your hair."
I'm not too sure I'll make it,
these jokes could use some flair.

"There's a hole in your pants,"
someone giggles to a friend.
The jokes continue across the day
When will this mayhem end?

"It's April Fools'," they shriek
as they try to be a tricker.
The things first graders do,
to get a little snicker.


  1. Oh, so cute. I'm sorry I wasn't at school today-so fun. We teachers used to switch-we would move our desk stuff & everything. The kids loved it! Thanks, Cathy!

  2. Your poem made me laugh! On and on and on, all day long! Gotta love those first graders! (And secretly, I'm always a little glad when April 1 falls on a weekend!)

  3. Loved this poem... We saw the same kind of tricks out of adults at the Food Pantry, lol... Kick me signs, etc.. I am sure you had a lot of laughter in your day.. You are so blessed to still be able to be a first grader every day!!!

  4. Love it! My students got me back one year after I made them think they had forgotten to turn in a big project. They had the principal say Happy 40th Birthday Mrs. E...over the PA! (I'd love that now but I was in my 20s at the time!) Silly me made the mistake of telling that story to the next year's class & sure enoug I got wished a Happy 41st the next year! I don't play tricks on my students anymore...maybe I should start again. :)

  5. As a middle school teacher, I must admit I was kind of glad that we had Monday off. I'm not sure I'd be up for the kind of pranks that 7th graders are apt to play. On the other hand, your first graders sound so sweet. Love the poem!

  6. I'm with Mardie -- glad we didn't have school on the first!!

    Just read through all your poems so far (can't seem to keep up on a daily basis!!) and I just have to say that I LOVE all the different forms and voices and moods in your poetry! Such a fun month!


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