Saturday, April 27, 2013

Paradise?: Poem 27 of 30

National Poetry Month:  27 of 30

When I saw these little goslings peeking out from some shrubbery I knew what my post for the day would be.

often have the best 
of intentions.
But what were these young geese thinking
when they made this busy parking lot
a home?
Was it the puddles that attracted them?
The distance from predators
that made them feel 
Or were they tired of life on the lake,
setting out to make a paradise 
in city pavement?

© Cathy L. Mere

Facts About Canadian Geese

  • before 1950 Canadian geese just passed through Ohio or visited in winter
  • introduced in Ohio in 1950 (silly naturalists)
  • typically live near large lakes or marshy areas
  • "clutches" are laid before April 15
  • 2-7 eggs (less than ducks which often lay 12)
  • both parents care for young
  • new borns are self-feeding
  • babies can fly after 8-9 weeks
  • families stay together into autumn
  • eat plant matter, insects, aquatic invertebrates
  • live longer than ducks (up to 25 years)
  • long necks
  • long term pair bonds
  • natural predators:  owls, raccoons, fox, snapping turtles

  • loud
  • aggressive
  • honking noise
  • white around eyes
  • babies fluffy yellow with gray patches
  • babies couldn't really walk (walk, walk, fall)
  • living in shrubs in Kroger parking lot
  • nest no longer could hide yellow babies 
  • when you search for them on Google it is several pages of links before you get past all of the "Canadian geese as a nuisance" pages


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  1. I love this, especially how you incorporated the research element. Multigenre research writing at it's finest! Crazy geese, settling in at Krogers! But soooo cute!


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