Monday, April 22, 2013

Irises: Poem 22 of 30

Today I am again joining Mary Lee as she writes a poem about irises using an image from WikiMedia Commons.  

Irises in my yard.

I wait patiently
for the irises: 
canary yellow,
to bloom 
in the flowerbeds
surrounding my house,
a sign of warmer days,
and a reminder
of my great-grandmother
whose hands first 
cared for them.

© Cathy L. Mere

Irises:  Vincent Van Gogh 1889
via WikiMedia Commons 


  1. I left my flowers behind this time, Cathy. I thought it was time to start some new things. I actually have some phlox in our school yard that I planted, the origins go back to Virginia with my great-grandparents. It's lovely to think about isn't it? The iris are so beautiful, yet come and go quickly. I like your memory poem.

  2. Amazing to think about all of those generations- your great grandmother, your grandmother, your mom, and now you caring for the iris... Beautiful words and a beautiful photograph too.


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