Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sunrise: Poem 3 of 30


how many poets have tried to find 
words to describe the beauty of a sunrise
as the orange ball of fire rests along the Earth's horizon?

how many photographers have grabbed their camera
to capture the hues which radiate from the sun
as it finds its way into the blue sky?

how many painters have mixed colors
on their palettes of orange, yellow, and red
to replicate the shades of the sun's ascent toward the heavens?  

@Cathy L. Mere

So I couldn't decide between draft I or II.  I decided to not decide and post them both.  

Poets fail to describe
the orange ball of fire 
along Earth's horizon.

Photographers cannot capture
hues visible 
in the sun's ascent.

Painters are unable to mix colors
on palettes of orange, yellow, red
to replicate its beauty.

Only our eyes truly see it
in its full magnificence 
as the sun rises in the morning sky.

© Cathy L. Mere

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  1. So true Cathy! And 'Quilters cannot find enough shades to create it.' I love your sense of rhythm - the Poet, Photographer, Painter. Beautiful poem...

  2. Yep! You've described the challenge exactly, Cathy. I know especially that painters hate the idea of trying the sunrise-too hard. Great way to write this!


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