Saturday, April 20, 2013

Reflections of Paris: 20 of 30

Today I am following Mary Lee's lead and using a photograph from WikiMedia Commons.  This photo was the photo of the day when I arrived at WikiMedia.  It immediately took me back to the trip I made to Paris with my high school French class.  Years have passed since then and I often find myself wanting to go back and see it all again with more experienced eyes.  

Reflection of the Eiffel Tower
photo from WikiMedia Commons
by lviator
Picture of the Year 2012 finalist

Reflections of Paris
I once walked the streets of Paris,
wandered along the Champs-Ellysees,
sampled pastries from a local bakery
where I attempted to order in French.

The metro was a challenge
for a small town girl,
but still I managed to navigate
the underground train to my destination.

I gazed upon the Mona Lisa
as I stood inside the Louvre
too young to appreciate
the magnificence surrounding me,

and was mesmerized by the Eiffel Tower,
as it towered above me,
it's massive nighttime beauty
now a mere reflection in mind.

© Cathy L. Mee

Loved these!
Here are some of my favorite poetry stops from this past week:

  • Art Break Wednesday:  Amy Ludwig Vanderwater's "Drawing Into Poems" Project  Robyn Hood Black discusses the work Amy is doing to sketch into poetry.
  • Ansel Adams in Canyon de Chelly:  Mary Lee chooses the perfect words for this poem, and crafts with a delightful rhythm.
  • Linda Baie is writing a post each day for the month of April.  Her blog is always a delightful stop and she packs much into each post.  My favorite this week was A Matter of Perspective.  Here she shares her original poem, Heaven.  
  • Carol Wilcox is also writing a poem each day.  Carol's poems always make me stop, pause, and think a bit.  Her poem, Not Supposed To Be, was no exception.  Wow!  
  • My students and I loved Amy LV's sketch:  Looking into Doll Faces.  Take time to stop by look at the sketch and read the words surrounding it.  Most of all, make sure you read the beautiful story about the doll shared by Amy. 


  1. Isn't this a GORGEOUS photo?!? Those colors...

    Love your poem, especially that last line.

  2. I agree with Mary! The last line got me too! And I just read Not Supposed to Be with my 8th graders today. Good discussion of how timing can affect a writer's pt of view. All of my students thought that parrot (the Wiki inspiration du jour) was hilarious and they were dismayed at the negative tones the adults' poems mostly took. When we looked at the dates & realized how closely the parrot followed the events in Boston, they got it. Good good stuff you've linked me up, friend. A thousand thanks!


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