Wednesday, April 25, 2012

25 of 30: Our Pond

I've been fascinated by the heron and egret that hang out together at a pond not far from my school.  Herons have become a more common sight in our area, but I don't see many egrets.  Since seeing them together I have started researching both birds.  I wrote about the heron here and here.  The information I have gathered about the egret is below.  It seems there are many commonalities.  I have been wondering how closely connected the two are.  Today I tried to write a poem in two voices to show how both sit and wait for dinner in their little paradise.  

                                      OUR POND
sitting by the rocks
at the water's edge
where water trickles 
from nearby drains
life is abundant.
i wait.

                                                                    i sit across the pond
                                                                    where the dirt meets the water
                                                                    my own small beach
                                                                    my paradise
                                                                    fish come to warm waters.
                                                                    i wait.

                         our pond glistens
                         ducks float
                         birds glide.
                         we watch.

i am patient
my tall black legs
look like sticks
a trick of nature
a frog plops.
I lunge.
                                                                       i stand like a statue
                                                                       in the shallow waters
                                                                       my blue gray color 
                                                                       matches the evening sky
                                                                       something moves
                                                                       i strike

                            creatures live here
                            in our pond
                            where city meets nature
                            busy yet serene.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2012

Research:  Great Egret

  • The second largest heron.
  • In Ohio, often found along Lake Erie. 
  • White feathers
  • Yellow bill
  • Black legs
  • Prefers shallow water of marshes, ditches, fields, and river edges.
  • Eats frogs, snakes, crayfish, mice, crickets
  • Over 4 feet tall
  • 50 inch wing span

Ohio Department of Natural Resources:  Great Egret
National Park Service:  Great White Egret
National Geographic:  Great Egret
All About Birds:  Great Egret
Egret and Heron Comparison


  1. Egrets are so cool, with their little decoration on the top. And herons are just beautiful. How great that you have the viewing possibilities every day. Your two part poem is a good idea, putting these 'pals' together, talking about their lives. I like that "we wait, I lunge, I wait," etc.

  2. I love the multiple voices.
    Must try...


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