Saturday, March 9, 2013

What's Luck? Slice of Life Challenge 9 of 31

Thanks Stacey and Ruth:  Two Writing Teachers
#slice2013  9 of 31

What's luck?  I've never considered myself lucky.  Yes, I'm blessed with a life for which I'm truly thankful.  Yes, there are many ways I've been fortunate to have good things happen, but I wouldn't consider any of that luck.

My grandma was lucky.  When I was a kid I used to go to Bingo with her on Monday nights.  I couldn't play, but I was allowed to hang out with her.  Grandma would buy me a pop - not just any pop - a coca-cola in a small glass bottle.  I'd keep her company while she stamped away on her Bingo card.  She seemed to always win.  I heard her yell Bingo on many a night.

My brother seems to have her luck gene.  He stumbles into the craziest lucky situations.  If he were to walk into a casino, he'd likely walk out a winner.  I've tried a few lottery cards, but usually don't win --- unless my brother buys the cards for me.  If he has bought the card my odds of winning improve exponentially.

I'm not lucky.  I've participated in many office lottery polls, and our numbers have never won anything.  I put my names in for drawings and it is never picked.  When we went to Las Vegas for NCTE, I didn't touch a single slot machine.  Why should I put money into something I'm never going to win?  I just can't bring myself to do it.  I learned long ago that I'm just not lucky.  I'm ok with it.

Today I spent the day at #edcampcbus.  It was an amazing day of learning.  At the end of the event they had a smackdown and during this time prizes were to be given.  I always stay to the end of events for the "prize" time, but I never ever win.  I'm used to it.  I enjoy seeing everyone's excitement when they win something.  So names started to get pulled from the box.  Shirts were given away.  Gift cards were given away.  Then Simple K12 was giving a year's subscription to their site.  Imagine my surprise today when I heard my name called.  I'm feeling kind of lucky tonight.  Maybe I should scratch those lottery cards my brother got me for my birthday.  


  1. I can relate...never the "winner" here either. Maybe "luck," is all a state of mind. Your Grandma must have thought she was going to win, returning all those nights to bingo.. I say as long as you're feeling lucky.. scratch away! :)

  2. I love how you write about ideas through stories. I am getting to know your people, your childhood. Scratch the cards! What have you got to lose?

  3. Read through the Twitter feed you linked (get your jaw off the floor) and now I know:
    ~Don't complain unless I have a solution in mind.
    ~say "and" not "but" (get the buts out of education)
    ~and it looks like there was some talk of flipping the classroom...we've talked about that at CCS some as we are hoping to be rolling out ipads yet this year. Our math teachers are using Kahn Academy a good bit.
    ~But...(I know...sorry) I still want to know where you went and what it actually was...more details? Pretty please? (And yes! By all means, scratch that lucky itch!)

  4. Your luck has turned! You might even go buy a lottery ticket. Enjoy your prize!

  5. I definitely think you should scratch the tickets! This is your lucky day! I once won a puppy in a junior high pet raffle. My parents were thrilled! Umm, not so much, but we had him until he died 15 years later!

  6. Having your slice at the end of your piece, a small moment in your life's history of what it means to be lucky, helps us to see that it isn't only finding these moments to write about, but more importantly that these moments are what can redefine our life stories. Here's hoping your lucky streak continues!

  7. My luck changed last year when I won (with Elsie) a prize during our month of slicing. I think my best lucky moment was discovering this community of writers and Two Writing Teachers. Here's to more luck in your life!

  8. Great post! I think that if you believe you are lucky, it will happen. And, yes, scratch off those lottery cards!! I might have to write a post about an interesting win I had. Hmmmm....see how your posts give others ideas!


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