Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow? Slice of Life 5 of 31

Slice of Life Challenge 
#slice2013  5 of 31

For a few days the meteorologists have been talking about it.  Snow.  Snow?  Did someone say snow?  It's March, you know.  I heard them start to talk to about it, but I really didn't pay much attention.  After all, it is rare the storm on its way makes it to our steps.

Last night on the news the talk continued.  The usual.  Snow.  Blah. Blah.  Blah.  Snow.  You'd think in Ohio we would be used to the talk of snow, but the news never misses a beat.  Reporters swarm the local home improvement stores.  Apparently there may soon be a shortage of snow shovels.  Imagine that.  I would have thought most of us would have them already.  This isn't our first snow you know.

Snow.  "Timing is everything," the meteorologists say.  "The temperatures makes the difference," they remind us.  The sooner the temperature drops below freezing the more snow we'll get.  Reporters fan out to cover all the angles.  They go out with their scrapers, temperature gages, boots and gloves.  Are snow crews ready?  Are school districts keeping an eye on the weather?  Have families taken the necessary precautions?  Do drivers have all they need if they get stuck in the snow?

A winter storm warning.  Everybody races to the stores as if has never snowed before.  Bread, milk and other staples fly off the shelves.  Soon store shelves appear empty.  Looking for salt?  It can't be found.  There's a salt shortage too.

Here it comes.
Snow.  The kids buzz with excitement over the impending storm.  "Turn your pajamas inside out," a colleague reminds me.  "Flush ice down the toilet," the older students advise.  Oh, nothing shakes things up like the prediction of snow.  All I can say is, we'll see.  We'll just see.


  1. Cathy,
    I'm with you...all this talk of snow gets to be too much after awhile. I did stop at the store on the way home...for popcorn. If I'm off tomorrow I've got big plans for movie watching and all the salt I need at home.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You should be here. Today was our 6th snow day. This storm...even kids were wishing it would just pass us by.

    I do, however, love this superstitions. Wearing pjs inside out? Flush ice down the drain? Just made me chuckle.

  3. Sounds like what we are going though here in Northern VA too. We shall see. It seems too warm for anything, but everyone seems to think it is a foregone conclusion.

  4. This is awesome--I agree with Deb that the superstitions are very cool. I haven't heard of those, but know some kids that would give it a try. As I write this, Husband just got in from snowblowing our drive...only to have it start filling in behind him.

  5. Oh my! Living, as I do, in Canada, you'd think I'd have heard the sayings about pjs and ice down the drain. But I've never heard such things? Are they to ward off the storm or to bring it on?
    Snow days here are not that much fun because teachers are expected to try to show up at school in any case. Sometimes it's just too dangerous and we stay home, but there's that decision to be made every Snow Day morning.

  6. Our weather forecasters seem to delight in the excitement they create. During our last storm they were out with a yard stick and it was only about an inch deep.

  7. I never remember doing any snow day dances or pj wearing or ice flushing! The kids at school were all about them today, though!! Our weather report seems the same... Wait & see, I guess!

  8. So many funny lines, Cathy. Snow blah blah snow blah. Reporters fan out to cover all the angles. They go out with their scrapers, temperature gages, boots and gloves. Looking for salt? It can't be found. There's a salt shortage too. I laughed all the way through this piece! Maybe you should flush an ice cube down the toilet-- just in case!

  9. You made me laugh out loud, Cathy. We are now hearing the same thing, 60's the next two days, but the storm is gathering in the west! I too always wonder about the snow shovels. I have two & there is only one of me! Why do people keep buying them? Thank you for the laugh of the day, & it's almost tomorrow!

  10. I haven't watched the news today, but I can tell you my slice post for today will be dealing with the happiness of getting that snow day phone call and my joy that the meteorologists got this one right! :)
    Hope you're home as well. :)


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