Sunday, March 10, 2013

Morning Songs: Slice of Life 10 of 31

Thanks Stacey and Ruth:  Two Writing Teachers
#slice2013  10 of 31

Morning Songs
The birds flit from tree to tree
singing songs of spring,
a chorus of joy
filling the crisp morning air,
bob white 
cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep
le le leeeeeee.

The bluejays
play chase,
their feathers
a bright contrast
to the brown of
the grass
the trees
the fields.

The robin soars
from maple to oak,
glad it is finally warm
and that cold days
will soon be behind us,
its orange breast easily visible
in the leafless trees.

The red-winged blackbirds
gather in a large patch of water
calling to them from the sky,
the temporary pond
left from the snow
that had blanketed the earth
just days ago.

The mallard and his mate
seem to be fooled
by this temporary home
they have all to themselves,
with its patches of tall grass
still brittle
from the cold
days of winter.

I sit on my patio
for the first time in months,
hoping they are right,
hoping their songs mean
cold days are behind us,
warmer days
are coming.

© Cathy L. Mere

Enjoy the sounds of birds.  This resource of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is one of my favorite sites for identifying the sounds of Ohio birds.  


  1. :) Spring seems to be soaring in! I was just outside thinking the same thoughts... You create beautiful, colorful imagery with your descriptions of the birds. Lovely poem. Thank you!

  2. Cathy, this was great! I love your imagery. Thanks for that taste of spring.

  3. See you are up early and capturing writing. I'm amazed you saw so many different birds and know so much about birds. You might be a bird expert!

  4. Another beautiful poem. I do hope you know what a gift you share with us with your writing.

  5. There's something different about March. Even though the snow still lies on the ground, and winter is still very much upon us... there's hope. You can breathe a little lighter. It's not November, or January. We know that it soon will come to an end, and we know that warmer weather is to follow!

  6. Yay spring! I like the rhythm in your last stanza, created by parallel structure. Nice! :)

  7. I sat on the porch this weekend and enjoyed the birds as well! Your poem captured that experience. Warmer days are coming!


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