Thursday, March 21, 2013

Extremely Short Stories: Slice of Life 21 of 31

Thanks Stacey and Ruth:  Two Writing Teachers
#slice2013   21 of 31

If you're on Twitter, you may have noticed Kevin, @dogtrax, share his 25 word stories (#25wordstory).  I find these stories fascinating.  They provide just enough information to give you a taste of the story, and leave you with much to wonder.  I thought I'd give a few a try.

I walk into the kitchen in my new white Keds now brown from the creek, I look away.  She glances at my shoes --- then laughs.

We walk into our new home.  The foyer takes my breath away.  As I wander from room to room I can't believe we'll live here.

Driving onto campus a wave of freedom rises within me.  Turning the corner, large buildings surround me.  For the first time, I'm on my own.

For years she took care of our children while we were at school.  She fed them, played with them, and loved them.  A true blessing!

She sits down behind the wheel; hardly believing it is hers.  She starts the engine, turns on the radio, and leaves in her first car.

As I hear his name called my heart swells with pride.  He walks across the gym floor, shakes the veteran's hand, and accepts the award.

Where has the time gone I wonder as she buckles her seatbelt and pulls out of our drive.  Her car packed with pieces of home.

A similar version is the six word story.  These six word stories can be found at this hashtag, #6words.  Kevin shared a Mozilla Thimble link which talks more about the origin of the six word memoir.

First day of spring break.  Snow?

Up all night with sick daughter.

A cup of coffee fixes everything.

I found more links at this Smith Magazine site.


  1. Love these. So much revealed in so few words! I haven't been on Twitter much lately and haven't seen Kevin's 25 word stories, but I have messed around with the six word ones. Hope the weather gets warmer and your daughter is feeling better soon!

  2. I really like these! I might need to give this a try.

  3. My favorite-A cup of coffee fixes everything! So true and if not fix at least clarifies everything. I haven't heard/read 25 words but have tried 6 words(like Carol). I love these various forms and the possibilities they inspire.

  4. Okay, I need to go spend some time on this! I love it! I think it was Hemingway who wrote the six word story, For sale-baby shoes. Never worn. Thank you so much for the idea of the 25 word story.

  5. Love love love these ideas! Can't wait to try thereafter Spring Break! You and your god ideas are becoming a permanent bookmark on my computer and phone! Thanks so much for sharing!
    (Typing on my iPad on loan from school!)

  6. I have missed a lot being retired. Many great ideas in teaching. Ah, but it is so nice reading about it satisfied with vicarious experience.

    Hey, it's's the best I could do with 25 words. Fun to do though.

  7. I can't wait to try a 25 words story!!

  8. Great stuff. I've done it with middle schoolers and they loved doing too, & also the 6 word stories. I liked what you did, Cathy. I just wrote about my son going away to college, long ago, but he just left again & it reminded me. There you are writing about it too-a wrenching time, but exciting too. The thimble link is interesting. Thanks for all!

  9. Thanks for the shout-out. Nicely done!

  10. Great challenge and great fun to work with these constraints. Certainly eradicates verbosity.

  11. I could relate to several of your extremely short stories, and that makes me wonder if when we cut our stories to the bone they are more similar to everyone's stories. The details may make us feel separate from others, but the core stories are universal.


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