Friday, March 22, 2013

One Wish: Slice of Life 22 of 31

Thanks Stacey and Ruth:  Two Writing Teachers
#slice2013   22 of 31

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One Wish
One star
across the night sky.
It's bright light
a contrast
to the darkness
that surrounds it.

Below I watch it
race across the sky,
drawing a line
on the ebony canvas.
I make a wish.
One I have been saving
for this very moment.

But can one star,
dancing in the darkness,
grant the wishes
of the many below
who stand watching
it's final flare
across the night sky?

© Cathy L. Mere


  1. I love the ebony canvas. May your wish come true.

  2. I also love the ebony canvas, but also the idea that we all put so much pressure on one star. The final flare is really staying with me.

  3. I never thought about anyone else wishing on the star, I guess that's why my wish never came true. Ebony canvas, exquisite word choice.

  4. Ditto ebony canvas. May your wish come true!

  5. Looks like everyone liked your ebony did I! And I think that one star can handle all the millions of wished...well, I hope so. Another beautiful poem, Cathy.

  6. I believe that one star can grant our wishes! Why else would we wish upon a star, right. Beautiful imagery.

  7. I like the ebony canvas too. And that last stanza- wow! Breathtaking! I think stars must have enough wishing power for everyone!

  8. I agree with the above-stars have magical power-wishes for everyone! Nice, Cathy!

  9. Beautiful poem, Cathy. I love the contrast between the single star/person wishing, and the idea of many wishing at the same time. Something about the collective power, I think.

    Thank you,


  10. I vote YES for that one star to be able to grant all the wishes urged its way. It's magic, and magic can do anything.

  11. I wonder about your one wish. If you've been saving it, it must be a special wish. I pray that it comes true for you. I like that you remind us that we all wish upon the same stars. I will think of that the next time I look up to a night sky.

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