Thursday, March 28, 2013

Have You Wondered? Slice of Life 28 of 31

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Recently I read this post, A Pocketful of Questions, at Box of Chocolate's blog (isn't that a great name!) written in a question format.  I thought it was interesting so I added it to my mentor text board on Pinterest.  I decided today to give it a try.  Thanks, Stephanie.  

As I travel I often ask myself, why do I live in a place where the land is flat?  Why do I only see sky when I look across our horizon?  Why do I spend my summers looking at corn and beans lined neatly in the fields?  Why do I wake to the sounds of coyote roaming the night?  Why do I spend June evenings looking from our patio out into the prairie-like land watching for the hummingbird and hoping for a heron?  Why do I sit by our french doors with a warm cup of coffee and stare endlessly at the white snow blanketing the grass long since asleep during the endless months of winter?  What would it be like to live somewhere else?

If you live in the mountains, do you notice the beauty that surrounds you?  Do you wake up in the morning, look out your window, and pause at their majesty?  Do you note the way mountains seem like a ladder to the heavens?  Do you see the way the clouds rest on the peaks bringing earth and sky together?  Do you study the way the mountains change from snow covered to nature's dress of forest green?  Do you get used to climbing all the time?  Do you learn to not worry about driving so close to the edge of a cliff?  

If you live near the ocean, do you walk out to the beach just to feel the warmth on your toes?  Do you walk along the waters edge and savor the feeling of waves splashing on your feet?  Do you wander the beach looking for the perfect shell?  Do you listen to the quiet roar of the ocean as it moves toward the shore?  Do you wake in the early morning darkness to see the sun rise over the ocean?  Do you notice the way it rests on the water for a moment before finding its place in the sky?

If you live by the river, do you hear its gentle murmur as it slides through your backyard?  Do you sit by your window and watch the birds soar over the waters looking for dinner?  Do you observe the ice blocks form and rejoice as they begin to melt as warmer days become more constant?  Do you note the animals who make the river their home?  Do you sit to watch boats move down the river as they carry their cargo to its destination?

If you live in the city, do you enjoy the energy the city brings?  Do you look up in the darkness of night at the tall buildings, dazzled by the lights coming from inside?  Do you enjoy watching people walk up and down the streets in their high heel shoes, fancy clothing, and dark suits?  Do you find a place to sit just to take in the conversations?  Do you take time to eat at the restaurants, watch the musicals, and attend gallery hops?  Do you pause to look at the architecture of the buildings that have stood amongst the pavement covered landscape through generations?

What would it be like to live somewhere different than where you live today?  Do you ever wonder or do you just open your notebook to capture the beauty that surrounds you?  


  1. Cathy, I have also wondered these thoughts. I think that is why I travel as much as I can. I so enjoy the beauty of the mountains and the ocean...and also the waving wheat in middle of the country. I was surprised when I was young and my aunt and uncle from Denver came to visit. My aunt kept remarking at how beautiful it was...rolling hills (where I lived then) and the green...the green. She could not get enough of green. I feel that each part of the world has its beauty...and I do hope I appreciate the beauty that is in my own back yard.

  2. I was intrigued by that post too. I've often wondered what it would be like to live in another region that is so different from my own. Your questions are ones I have asked myself before when we have traveled. I wonder . . .

  3. Love the question format of your post. I may have to try it. :-)

  4. Oh, yes, I wonder these things and of course wonder if the majestic nature of a mountain view or a beach sunrise would be lost if I lived in such a place. I think probably not because I have noticed the beautiful sunset that descends behind my local Walmart.

  5. I've lived in the city, mountains, prairie, and seen the ocean. I'll take the flat of the prairie across my porch, but still dream of the pines in the mountains. Great piece for wondering thanks.

  6. What a great collection of wonderings! I always wonder if people notice the beauty where they live too... do they see the way the mist envelops a hollow? does a mountain's height still take their breath away? Or do the sights and sounds just blend into their everyday lives? My guess is a little of both -- I'm sure it seems routine many times, but I still catch my breath at the sight of a deer in a golden field, so I'm sure there are things that make them stop and take notice. Such a fun post!

  7. This is great - your ideas are poetic. I love the view from your french doors - that prairie landscape is beautiful to me. I'm thinking the warm of the ocean would be nice on any day though....

  8. This is such a beautiful invitation to pause and drink deeply of our places, our surroundings. I think we do often take the beauty that surrounds us for granted. What a shame! I love the images you've created in this piece. Anyone who has ever been to the ocean, the mountains, the city, the prairie, the river . . can imagine themselves right there as they read your slice tonight.

  9. Thank you again friend for getting me in this challenge. Not only do I love this post, I love how many good ideas I am coming up with for my students! This is a keeper and may just be the answer to a question I've been asking myself about how this month should end. Lovelovelove!
    And yes...I love it where I live and I love visiting other places...but the prairie wins. Hands down.

  10. I needed this reminder. Not because I'm going to bring my notebook outdoors, but because I want to bring my soft pastels outside as soon as the leaves come back to the trees. I haven't gone outside with them since I lived in RI (that's almost four years ago!) and I think it's about time to start again.


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