Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Road Winds: Slice of Life Challenge 27 of 31

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The Road Winds
The road winds
     over the river,
            bridging communities,    
                where coal trucks wait
          to deliver black rock
to warm our homes,
     down the country music highway,
          through small towns
               once sustained by mining.

The road weaves
     through the mountains,
          where snow cloaks the ground,
               where earth meets sky,
          as white clouds rest atop,
     making it hard to determine
where they begin and end,
     where jagged rocks
          stand strong.

The road meanders
     past market stands
          now closed for winter,
               beside rushing streams
          where clear water
      rolls over rocks,
toward fresh grass
     finally a subtle shade of green,
          where the rhododendron
               show through the branches
          of trees still bare
     from winter.

     there are signs of warmth:
          the dogwood's flower,
               the yellow of daffodils,
          the shrubs pink fringe flowers
     gracing landscapes with color,
          the luminous blue sky.
     the bright rays of sun,
the destination.


  1. Nice poem. The destination sums it well.

  2. Love how your poem wanders just like the road. And I sure hope Spring is coming soon. Seems sooooo far away.

  3. Beautiful poem and love the format of that winding road! I'm guessing you jumped in the car to visit your mom and daughter! I hope so and I hope you love every minute with them. And look! It's spring somewhere -- green, flowers, gorgeous -- be sure to bring it back north when you head home! :)

  4. are so creative...and yes, like the others, I love the form of the poem as it winds like the road....and the words bring pictures to my mind as I travel down that road. Gotta cat just jumped on my lap. Jackie

  5. Like others, I love the format of your poem, and the flow that makes it feel like a road. I also love the line at the beginning of each stanza, the road winds, the road weaves, the road meanders. Those lines really pull the poem together for me. And then it takes you to color and warmth!

  6. Love love love! Everyone else already said it all...the shape, the images, the destination! Drive carefully!


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