Monday, March 18, 2013

Remember Dial-Up? Slice of Life 18 of 31

It's day five without internet so I am having to compose my post from my phone.  Unfortunately, we live too far from town for real internet.  As the Time Warner rep joked, "The hunting must be good where you live." Ouch! 
We're left to rely on a Verizon Mifi which, though it is the best thing we've had, is slow and inconsistent.  We constantly are kicked off, have to wait, or need to reload pages (yes, that uses data).   Additionally, with four people using the allotted GBs, we run out often. 
I was feeling sorry for myself for having to write this post from my phone as I don't have time this evening to run out for internet, but then I remembered DIAL-UP.  Oh, dial-up.  Remember the beep beep beep as it connected.  The torturous wait time to load a page.  The enormous amount of time required to download a picture.
Since it is "Memory Monday" for me, I thought I'd share a few things I am glad we have updated.
1.  The rotary phone with a cord.
2.  The typewriter.
3.  Good bye records, hello iPod!
4.  Cars with cold seats (heated seats rock).
5.  TV with three working channels (ok, I am fine with three channels, but I love the remote).
6.  Paper maps!  (GPS, how I love you!)
7.  Overhead projectors.
8.  Camera film to develop.
9.  Banker's hours (thank you ATM).
10. VCR cameras as big as an infant.
What am I forgetting?


  1. I love your list, Cathy, and I hope you'll have your computer back online soon!

    I also remember the mall actually closing at 6pm on Saturday, answering machines and pagers! Can't believe how connected we all are now!

  2. How our priorities have changed over the years. How about mimeograph, carbon paper and microfiche and word processors?

  3. I agree with almost everything on your list, but there I times when I do miss overheads. Because I don't have my own classroom, I don't use the projector and/or smartboard often enough to figure out how to make it work best for what I want it to do. I'll keep plugging along with it, though!

  4. I agree with most of your list...but I still crave the maps on a car ride. It is so fun to try to fold them back up the right way. Yeah...and our school still has overhead projectors....isn't that crazy? xo

  5. Oh how I love the more streamlined items of today. It's hard to believe that it wasn't that long ago the cell phone was in a bag. I'm so impressed that you can do this on your phone. I have never tried, and I hope I never have to try. Hope your internet is back soon.

  6. I'm good at folding maps, I still have an answering machine attached to my phone, and I really really miss my old vinyl records that I STUPIDLY sold at a garage sale. And I pulled a poem out of a file the other day that was printed in that oh so lovely shade of mimeo purple. I really am a dinosaur aren't i? However, I get to take an ipad home over spring break to play with! Maybe there's hope for me yet! Hope you get your internet back soon! Congrats on the phone...not easy is it?

  7. I am sad our kids can't smell the mimeograph ink and feel the warm, damp paper.. Probably was toxic...

  8. Oh Cathy...loved the guy saying there must be good hunting. I am glad we have good internet (helps when your husband is a computer programer for the cable company here...well, retired now)
    You did not have 8 track tapes on your list...or was that way before your time? Hope you get your internet back soon.

  9. I just sold all my vinyl records in my estate sale, & some great turntables too-no longer needed, but it was fun for a long while. I don't miss those phone cords, & remember fondly when you could disconnect the cords & buy a very long one-still before cordless. Hope the internet is back soon for you Cathy! I do not miss the old dial up at all. And also remember, no one could use the phone during the 'internet' time either.

  10. Yes dial up was a pain but it was a wonder too! All of those things were at one time grand innovations then something better ( usually) faster took over. I wonder what things we use everyday now will make the list in 10 years. For the moment may your internet come back soon. :)

  11. Love it! I vividly remember dial up. I was playing online games at the time - all text based. The text would start to scroll so quickly that we'd get knocked offline. Kids these days with their graphics based games don't know how lucky they are!


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