Friday, March 29, 2013

Our Gamin' Grammy: Slice of Life 29 of 31

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Today is Poetry Friday.  Mary Lee is hosting at A Year of Reading.  Stop by to enjoy the poems.  Two days until National Poetry Month begins!!!  

Today is my mom's birthday.   I'm lucky to have one of those amazing moms who is always there when you need her.  I should be writing a sweet sappy poem for her birthday, but instead I'm listening to her and my daughter play a game of hand and foot.  So I decided to write this fun "rhyme-y" poem instead.  Happy birthday, Mom.

Our Gamin' Grammy
She's getting the cards,
when you walk in the door.
She's ready to play,
when your feet hit her floor.

She'll deal the cards,
make sure everyone's in.
If you don't join the fun,
is a really big sin.

She shouts if she loses,
and will dance if she wins.
Her game manners need work,
I'm not sure where to begin.

She'll play and she'll play,
until everyone's done.
Card games to her,
are really such fun.

There's banter all day,
and laughter all night.
She keeps the games going,
with all of her might.

So it's off to Grandma's,
for rummy and more.
Be ready to play,
when you walk through her door.


  1. Oh I love this! So much fun to read and it gives me such a good feeling about Grandma! I think we'd get along perfectly. My mom loves to play - cards, scrabble, whatever; she's in!
    I hope you share this sweet and loving poem with her.

  2. I am a game playing outcast in a family of non game players! I love your mom! Happy Birthday Grandma! From one lonely game player!

  3. What a great tribute to you mom. Happy Birthday to her! My grandmother also had a pack of cards ready for a game. So many happy memories! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Your mom sounds like a lot of fun! And I bet she loved this poem! Happy birthday and happy card playing to your mom!

  5. Great poem about a great mother-in-law and Grandma! By the way, who is winning?

  6. Maybe your mom can solve our family debate- When playing rummy is it the "baby way" to play 3 of a kind?

  7. It's fun to see yourself through your daughter's eyes and words.. I do like to win..


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