Hello, 2023! Let's SHINE!


Hello, 2023! 

I'm not much for resolutions. I pause to reflect often in the year to reset. I'm happy to change direction or dig a little deeper most any time of year. One practice I have enjoyed at the beginning of each year is to pick a word to be my guide. Some years have been better than others, for sure. Life has a way of making its own decisions. Am I right?

Every year, to begin the process, I make a list of possible words to help step into the new year. I have selected a word or phrase for a little over ten years now. Sometimes words find me; sometimes I find them. I've had the most success with words that give me space and add a little adventure to life. 

Past Words

I'm in a new season of life and honestly, so far, it's one of my favorites. Last year, I chose the word RIPPLE and learned a lot about the rocks in my life. Now that I have a clear understanding of those rocks, it's time to SHINE. I wanted a word that brought the JOY I found in 2021 with the discovery of 2014 and the rocks I discovered in 2022. SHINE just seemed the way to go next. 

Wishing each of you health, happiness, and plenty of JOY in the year to come. 

Let your light SHINE!


  1. Cathy, what a great word for you! My daughter asked me what my OLW is for 2023, so I clicked on my blog and realized I hadn't picked one since 2017. Whoooops. Your post is another nudge for me to choose and write. Happy New Year!

    1. I can't wait to hear what you decide, Chris.


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