My One Little Word for 2018

You know I loved my word for 2017.  I'm a little sad to let it go.  STRETCH will certainly be missed.

Here are my past words:'s time for a new word.

This one came to me much earlier than I usually find them.  I found this word in early November so I've had some time to weigh it and consider its possibility.

Well, here it is.  My word for 2018.
This year, I hope to reach.

I'm always fascinated by the way words come to people.  This word came to me while listening to Option B:  Facing Adversity, Building Reslience, and Finding Joy.  It was in chapter 3, The Platinum Rule of Friendship, that I began to hear my word as the authors talked about facing terrible tragedy.  Sheryl shares her experience after her husband died unexpectantly, and the ways she (with the help of friends like Adam) worked through this extreme difficulty.  She talked about her gratefulness for those who reached out, those who would talk about the elephant in the room, those that just asked, "How are you TODAY?"  It was in her conversation about "reaching out" to others that I found my One Little Word.

This year, I plan to:

REACH OUT to others.  I'm fortunate to be able to see the strengths of others, and have always worked to help amplify their gifts.  However, when it comes to reaching out my introvert personality takes over.  This year I hope to be better at reaching out to support others in their journey.  For me, this means keeping up with friends, reaching out in times of celebration and hardship, and sparking up conversations with people beyond my circle.

REACH IN and find strength.  I work hard to listen to others and weigh their perspective.  However, in this year I want to be better about reaching in and speaking up for what I believe.

Let's see how it goes....


  1. Great word -- looking forward to hearing your journey with it. BTW -- I don't see you as introvert at all -- is that because I am an extrovert??? I always see you as someone who reaches out. Enjoy your word and Happy New Year.


  2. A very challenging word, but I am sure you are up to the task!!!!


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