Poetry Friday: Last Days

Well, today was Jeff's last official day. He's now officially retired. My retirement was in March. Now we step together into a new chapter.

Last days...
    are always first days
        of something else. 

© Cathy L. Mere, 2021

It's Poetry Friday!  Today's roundup is hosted by Michelle Kogan. Stop by to enjoy some poetry and/or leave a link. 


  1. Cathy,
    Yay! Enjoy the retirement together. The first day of this new exciting chapter! Hope all goes well for you and Jeff.

  2. And another congratulations for good measure!

  3. You two enjoy your days "of something else"!!! You both deserve it!!!!!

  4. Lovely ending, Cathy! Best wishes for beginnings!

  5. And so begins your journey together, Cathy. May the days become the beginning of beginnings. This week Spiritual Journey Thursday is about our OLWs and mine is begin. As we move on in life the new beginnings are so important. Enjoy.


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