Poetry Month: Dear Black Pants, A Sonnet 13 of 30

For the month of April, I'll be writing poetry each day in celebration of National Poetry Month.  I've decided not choose a theme, not to plan the writing, but instead to wait to see what poetry finds me each day. 

It's also Friday.  Today I'm joining the Poetry Friday community as they celebrate poetry.  Today Robyn Hood Black is hosting at Life on the Deckle Edge.  Stop by and join the celebration.  

Today I decided to have a little fun.  Where would I be without black pants?  

Dear Black Pants

Each day into my closet I do reach,
For a pair of black pants ready to wear.
I do ignore the constant inner speech.
It's reprimand, I can no longer bear.

Black pants you do make my life a dream
With the great ease you bring to each new day.
You make each morning easy it does seem.
I love you more than blue or beige or gray.

With you black pants, any shirt I may choose.
Everything looks just fine with you, pants dear.
No matter my choice, I just cannot lose.
You make my early mornings free of fear.

But I must move past you, please do see.
Please know, dear pants, it isn't you, it's me.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2018


  1. Funny, isn't it, how we have those favorite can't live without them clothes! I can't believe how you keep coming up with these funny rhyming poems! I can't write rhyming stuff that makes any sense to save my life!

    1. Carol, I rarely write poetry that rhymes. For some reason, it only works for me if I'm trying to be humorous. This month, it seems to be finding me a bit more often.

  2. Oh, I do love me a good, comfy pair of black pants! Thanks for the smile, Cathy - Happy Poetry Month!

  3. My daughter's palette remains black & grey, saying it takes the hard decision-making away so early in the am. I love your poem, will share with her, Cathy!

  4. Love how you're trying so hard not to offend your dear black pants. Will you write a poem about what you'll choose instead?

  5. Haha! I can DEFINITELY relate to this one. :D

  6. HA! My extensive collection of black pants are giving this a standing ovation!!

  7. Hear, hear to those faithful black pants!


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