The Gift of an Hour

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The Gift of an Hour
They say I was given
an extra hour to sleep,
but who wants to waste
precious time?

I considered
all I could do
with an extra hour
just given as a gift.

An extra hour might be:
another quiet cup of coffee,
or maybe a little more time
wrapped inside a book.

Sixty minutes for free
to put my feet up
and gaze at the stars
floating above our world.

Three thousand six hundred seconds
tap tapping words,
shaping them into something,
molding and sculpting.

Now it occurs to me
the hour has come and gone.
Yet, I'm not sure
I was able to savor it.

I rise and look at my clock.
What was nine a.m. is now eight.
I rub my eyes wondering
how I slept away this precious gift.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2014


  1. Love that final query, how you slept away... This time change has just meant to me that I'm waking up so, so early, Cathy! But it is a favorite time of year to ponder, that extra hour. You're written all my wonderings in your poem.

  2. Oh, an hour seems so much longer when it's "Three thousand six hundred seconds" for "tap tapping words." Love that the extra hour inspired this poem. Thanks for sharing!

  3. If truth be known, I relish an extra hour of sleep! Added rest means less crankiness on my part! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the time change.

  4. Right?! I always think that that extra hour will be marked in some way - that I will have done something remarkable with the gift of time. But, as you say, it somehow always gets slept away.

  5. Sleeping is a pretty great way to spend it, I think :-)
    Cathy, you mentioned that you were interested in the Winter Poetry Swap -- let me know asap whether you definitely want to do it. I'm going to be matching up people this weekend.

  6. "A little more time wrapped in a book," - definitely my favorite way to spend an extra hour, but I don't think that's how I spent my extra hour!

  7. But wait...if "what was nine a.m. is now eight," then don't you still have that extra hour? Maybe not. Time changes always confuse me (and my body for days afterward). I've heard that perhaps the powers that be are ready (finally) to throw out Daylight Savings Time. Three cheers for that! Let's just have TIME.

  8. It's hard to remember now, but I think I spent that hour actively ignoring deadlines and to-do lists. ;) It was divine. BTW, whatever you did with yours was wholly worthwhile because of your poem, Cathy.

  9. I have a feeling that without your knowing it, you were crafting this poem during your extra hour. :) I'm so glad you wrote this poem down. I'm pretty sure my morning went the same way...lying in bed thinking of all the things I could do and then realizing that hour was gone.


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