Poetry Friday: Yesterday and Today

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Yesterday and Today
The plate
rests in her hands;
Mom leans against the doorway.

Suddenly I see my grandma
sitting in her kitchen
the large box she has been waiting for
resting near her.

She has been saving for a long time,
waiting for these dishes,
ordered from the Sears Roebuck catalog,
to arrive.

Mom unknowingly
turns the plate in her hands
thinking back to the day.

Grandma unwraps them one by one,
a tear of joy escapes
from the grandma
that knew what it was like to need.

The grandma who lived through the depression,
decades later telling the story
of the delight of a slice of bologna
given to her by her grandparents.  

Mom pauses for a moment
lost in the memory
of long ago.

Grandma unwraps each piece,
the grandma who saved foil,
the grandma who reused containers,
the grandma who carefully portioned meals.

She has waited for this day.
She places the dishes around the table
as she brings the meal she prepared
to those she loved.  

Mom places the dishes around the table
as she brings the meal she prepared
for those she loves.

Connecting our stories.
The then.
The now.
The memories.
The love.

© Cathy L. Mere, 2014


  1. Oh. So moving. Felt like I was there.

  2. This is beautiful Cathy. It made me cry. Have you shared it with your mom?

  3. And sorry that the site was down. Lots of technical difficulties last night!

  4. My daughter you have made my day!!! You captured it all and my mom has to be smiling down on you!!! Someday you will hold those dishes and remember the hands that held them.. Love you!!!

  5. Beautiful, Cathy. Thank you for sharing this and sparking memories for me. =)


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