Poetry Friday: Evergreen

It's Poetry Friday.  Today's event is hosted by Betsy at I Think in Poems.  Stop by for more links to great poetry.

Picture by Cathy Mere
Winter Royalty

The evergreen,
once overlooked,
stands tall,
Its emerald needles
a perfect contrast
to the winter white
of the ground below.

Its branches,
covered in soft ivory snow, 
the envy of surrounding trees
whose dresses of 
green, scarlet, gold 
long since turned to brown
then swept away
in gusts of wind.

Now it is the evergreen,
disregarded in the hot days of summer,
poised proudly.
No longer hidden 
among the beauty 
of the mighty oak,
the tall maple,
or the graceful willow.

The mighty pine
now stands for all to notice,
its branches gently waving
in the breeze,
ever reigning,
ever magnificent,
ever majestic,

© Cathy L. Mere


  1. Thanks for honoring the underdog, the "mighty pine" we ignore in other seasons.

    Stay warm!

    1. Thanks, Mary Lee. It seems this is the time for the evergreen to noticed. From our wintery yards to our lighted holiday living rooms, this tree captures our attention this time of year.

  2. Thank goodness for the evergreen. They're like bursts of hope in the gray (or white) days of winter. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I LOVE these lines:

    ever reigning,
    ever magnificent,
    ever majestic,

    So beautiful!

  4. I never thought about the evergreen getting lost among those other trees. Poor guy. Glad he can be green and proud in the winter months!

  5. I can see the evergreen sticking out in the woods across the bayou, all showy and confident in their evergreeness. You captured this feeling in your poem today.

  6. I love this, Cathy, respect at last! "No longer hidden
    among the beauty
    of the mighty oak,
    the tall maple,
    or the graceful willow". I can look straight out my window at a spruce, lately sprinkled with snow, so pretty. In other months, other trees do take the 'show'! Nice thoughts here!

  7. Thank you for giving this noble tree its due! I especially love the power of your last four lines.


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