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Delving into my One Little Word, DISCOVER, for today's Slice of Life.  Thankful for a day of cold to sit by the fire and write.  The patio is no place to be today!  Stop by the host site to read more posts or join the conversation.  

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During the beginning of January I enjoyed reading about everyone's One Little Word finds.  I was having so much fun I decided to round up the posts of other bloggers to see which words had been chosen.  It was Michelle Nero's post about her word that really made me realize I needed to think a little more about my #olw, DISCOVER.

I'm in an interesting place.  For the first time since I can remember I have more time.  My oldest is teaching in another state, my middle is busy with college (yep, another teacher), and our youngest will leave for college in the fall.  All of this time makes it easy to invest more time into my teaching which I truly love, but I also know I need to set limits.  I need to find other ways to spend my time.  For this reason, I chose the word DISCOVER for this year.

I took some time to think about how I like to use my time and new things I want to discover.  In some cases it is reseeing what is right here, in other cases it is discovering something new, but most of all it will require slowing down and having new eyes.

Time:  I hope to DISCOVER new ways to use my time.  There are so many things I like to do, but fitting them all into my schedule is always the challenge.  

Books!:  I hope to DISCOVER new books.  Carving out the time for reading is essential to this new plan.  Spending more time with fiction is a big part of this plan (and my #nerdlution).

Places:  I hope to DISCOVER places near and far, big and small.  I'm going to start with great places to eat.  You have to love a goal like this.  When we travel we always comment about how we know less places in our city than in the cities we visit.  My hope is to intentionally discover new places in Columbus and also discover new places as we travel.

Cooking:  I hope to DISCOVER new recipes and Pinterest has sure helped me to begin this journey, but I also want to discover more about spices and ways to improve the flavors of food.

Photography:  I hope to DISCOVER ways to improve my photography.  I'm not planning on anything fancy here, but I'm thinking I can learn more about using my iPhone to photograph discoveries first.

Genealogy:  I hope to DISCOVER ancestors' locations before coming to Ohio.  I have many family lines back to the early 1800s, but apparently our family loved Ohio because in only a few cases does this take my research outside of our state.  It has been several years since I have worked on my research and I want to spend more time discovering these stories.  This will mean a few trips, visits to local historical societies and county courthouses, and much discovery.

I'll be keeping track of my discoveries using Photo 365.  I can't wait to see the surprises ahead.


  1. It sons as though discover os the perfect olw for where you happen to be in life right now, Cathy. You have the freedom to discover in so many places - and I love the use of Photo 365 - something I'd like to explore, too!

  2. All your ideas sound good, Cathy. I think perhaps I'd better work a little bit more on my plans, too, for the OLW. I also like the idea of starting at home & then branching out! Best wishes!

  3. You are so great to challenge yourself to develop interests and I love how you are integrating the word discover. I think that we will all benefit from your discoveries in 2014 and I'm looking forward to it!

  4. I must bookmark this post as you have the same OLW as I do! Discovering new places is on my list as well. One of my reasons for this my OLW is that my daughter moved out of the country thus more time for em as well to discover new things. It will be interesting to read recaps in December to see all that we have discovered!

  5. Discover is such an exciting word! I can feel your anticipation as you think about the different discoveries you might make in different areas of your life. Enjoy the journey!

  6. Cathy, what a great reflection and direction for your word! The quote is perfect, discover is about "...having new eyes." A little word can mean so much (note the definition), but a one little word for the year needs to have a focus. I love all that you set out to discover this year -- and the biggest piece is the time. The time to slow down life and discover new places, new hobbies, new favorites, new family stories. I can't wait to hear about your journey throughout the year -- or rather see with the Photo 365 (which I'm going to go discover for myself!).

    Also, thanks for the shout out! :) And I'm digging the splash of purple links!

  7. I love your OLW. I'm in that same new empty nest place of trying to figure out how (besides work, work, and more work) I want to fill my time. You gave me some great ideas!

  8. Love your discoveries! And I'm downloading the 365 app right now. So cool!

  9. I didn't realize Photo 365 was an app. I will have to check that out (beyond clicking on the link). That sounds like something that's totally for me.

    Your word is sure to lead you to many new places. And in terms of recipes, I have a bunch of my favorites Pinned on Pinterest. (In fact, I usually check my boards right before I head to the store on Sundays.)

  10. I've added some cooking blogs to follow, just a few to start with.
    Cookie and Kate
    My New Roots

    Also, I have a Collect App similiar to 365 and am collecting things I notice and enjoy from nature.

    I like how you have really embraced the word discovery and have a plan to keep you word alive.

  11. Your word, Discover, is similar to mine, Open. I think it is so important for those of us who are empty nest (or soon will be) to know ourselves and build a life separate from our mothering. For so many years, that was all I could focus on (3 daughters 2-3 years apart), but now is me time. I want to open up to new ideas and find ways to be more me. I encourage you to make a collage for your OLW. Let me know if you do and post a picture.


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