Poetry Friday: Lily Dance

Today I join the Poetry Friday fun with this poem original poem about lilies.  Carol Wilcox is hosting today and has some great poetry books waiting for you there.  Stop by Carol's Corner (carolescorner.blogspot.com) for more poetry fun.    

Lily Dance

as the tulip and iris bloom,
you wait
staying close to the ground
for warmth.

It's hard to resist
the sun,
calling you to play.
You reach
your ladder-like leaves,
connecting ground and sky.

The warmer days
call you out,
you climb,
rising above others watching.
You ascend higher,
hoping for a better view.

you can see her,
orange and hot
in the deep blue sky.
You burst like a firework
in stunning color.

you bring color
to the green all around,
in your magical stance.
Lily radiating from the earth,
Sun singing from the sky.

© Cathy L. Mere


  1. Wow! These are gorgeous! I miss the orange tiger lilies that I had at my old house- may have to plant some more! I especially love those last two lines. Perfect!

    1. They are quite beautiful this time of year. I started this poem with a plan, but ended up in a very different place.

  2. These are all in your yard? Amazing! I like your poem, too.

    1. Yes! I guess I have added to the collection over the years. I have a Stargazer lily that will bloom later in the summer. It is my absolute favorite.

  3. You do such a great job of giving a voice to this silent, but passionate flower. I especially love how she climbs higher, hoping for a better view, and then bursts forth like a firework. Wonderful imagery, Cathy.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. The lily has been getting my attention every time I walk out the door.

  4. Mom's lilies are just about to burst out. I'll read her your poem when hers make their appearance!

    1. Perhaps we will see them in your June mosaic. ;0)

  5. "You burst like a firework"

    Perfect description of a lily opening. Beautiful poem and photos.

    Violet N.

  6. They do have such long stalks, don't they? "ladder-like leaves" Pics show how gorgeous they are too, Cathy.

  7. Love these images! Our phlox were fickle this year and held their blooms until just about the day BEFORE prom pix. But the lillies were faithful as yours have been and provided the decoration for 1 grad party and 2 campfire get togethers. Yay lillies! Yay you!


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