Winter Wish: Poetry Friday

Don't worry, I'm not wishing for winter.  I'm not sure I will ever wish for winter.  We went to the Columbus Zoo yesterday and saw the moose.  The moose looked a little sad and as I researched I realized moose really do not like heat.  They don't like temperatures above 57 degrees.  I'm guessing Ohio summers are as pleasant to them as Ohio winters are to me.  So today's original poem is dedicated to the moose as they struggle through these sizzling days.  

Thanks to Amy Ludwig-VanDerwater at The Poem Farm for hosting today's event.  Stop by for more Poetry Friday fun --- and try not to get lost on Amy's amazing treasure of a site.  

Winter Wish
The sun beats down
I hide under this tree
Wanting to remove
My heavy coat
Or wade in a deep cool pond
Instead I rest
For the cold days of winter

I miss snow
Weeks of winter white 
My hooves are snowshoes
My lanky legs keep me moving
In the deepest of snow storms
The cold is comforting
The extra fat I have stored
Cushioning my body

I miss my wintery world
But it is summer
Heavy heat surrounds me
Even in the shade
I do not move
Do not want to eat
There is nothing to do
But wait
Wait for winter.

© Cathy L. Mere

About the Process
Those of you following my writer's notebook dilemma know I am trying a few digital notebooks.  I'm starting to really like Noteshelf.  Here is some of the playing I did on Noteshelf before posting this poem.  

At first I thought I'd be writing about the fact
that none of the moose had antlers, but as I
researched something else caught my attention.

So Noteshelf doesn't help my handwriting.
My apologies.  However, it did let me play
with words by changing colors before
publishing today's poem.  

More About Moose
I enjoy playing with nonfiction poetry.  There's something about a little bit of research and a little bit of writing that I find interesting.  Here are a few sites I used to learn more about moose:

Ranger Rick:  Moose (love the PDF magazine format)
Zoo Borns:  Orphaned Moose Calves Know How to Kiss (Columbus Zoo 2011 story of moose)


  1. Oh, that poor moose. I want to hug it and then strip it of fur. I, too, so enjoy taking facts and building them into verse. This is a great example for students too...and your process is very helpful. I am pinning you and hoping that you will be willing to share your notebooks/notebook dilemma story on Sharing Our Notebooks. If yes, would you please drop me an e-mail? Happy PF, Cathy!

  2. I feel for the moose and agree that oppressive heat is for the birds. Will have to check out Noteshelf. Interesting to see your process.

  3. Cathy,
    Thanks for sharing your writing process! I love getting a window inside that kind of thinking. It's always interesting with kids, but also with adults.

    Love the rhythm of that first stanza, the way it flows and, for some reason, the word "remoooove" in my reading comes out all long, and moose-y complain-y. Nice!

    Poor moose. Maybe go back and read the poem to her? Can poetry be solace on a hot day? :)

    1. Hadn't caught the "remoooove." You are right --- quite moose-y.

      Made me smile,

  4. That's a droopy looking moose alright. But, I for one am really enjoying the summer...

  5. I like the way you included the facts, Cathy. We have many moose here in Colorado & all in the cool of the mountains. One trip with students, the moose, & her baby, stayed in the creek pools because it was a hot day. I'm always sorry for the animals in the zoos, & this is another one. Thanks for the noteshelf recommendation. I'll check it out! I've enjoyed your posts about this.

    1. Interesting, Linda. I think of moose as a more northern animal. Always so much to learn.


  6. Oh, poor moose! Thanks for writing about him!

  7. I love that you researched and learned a little more about your subject before completing the poem. I am going to have to look into this digital notebook too, looks awesome! Great share. And, although I feel for the moose, I think you captured his/her thoughts nicely. Poor thing.

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by.

  9. I love everything about this post and poem. It is classic Cathy Mere -- nonfiction (resources included), informed by technology, empathetic.

  10. The last two lines will linger...
    I'm going to look into noteshelf.

  11. Poor bedraggled creature-- a sorry sight, indeed. I'm sure, if he could read, he would take heart knowing that you've made him famous.

  12. You're so creative!

    Saw a moose the other day...It had just crossed the road...We have lots of moose here...We even have flashing moose warning signs along the roads...


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