Slice of Life: Fleeting Moments

I started to make a collage of memories from 2016, but I quickly realized too much had happened to gather it all in a collage.     If you would have asked me about 2016, I would have managed to recall a few highlights.  The images I had collected told a richer story of family, friends, new opportunities, and a bit of adventure.  

Fleeting Moments

roll on 
in fleeting moments.

we try to hold them
in our hearts, 
but memories dim.

we try to capture them
in collected images,
but they're easily lost.

we try to explain them
in words and lines,
but they fade on the page. 

in a year's time
doors open
to new opportunities.

family and friends
gather in celebration, 
share in laughter. 

new places 
offer a chance to revision
our understanding of the world.

each day
the sun rises and sets
the same, yet different.

we search 
for a way to hold 
all of it in our hand.

but moments 
aren't meant to be held,
they're meant to be lived.

each coloring who we are,
preparing us 
for our tomorrow.  

© Cathy L. Mere, 2017 



  1. Oh Cathy.... I love this poem. It's beautiful and inspiring. When you say that moments aren't meant to be held, they are meant to be lived. LOVE!

  2. Aren't meant to be held, but lived. Beautiful, Cathy. It's a perfect reflection.

  3. Beautiful poem, Cathy! It reminds me of the line, "The days are long, but the years are short." Happy new year to you!


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